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  1. I didn’t run into any problem not using patronymics. There are three immigrants from my family, three separate petitions were filed and neither of them had patronymic specified. i suspect since you were not consistent throughout all the documents, thats what caused confusion.
  2. You can skip it if you don’t have it in your international passport. The Domestic passport doesn’t matter to USCIS. It is the international one that you will use when crossing the border and the name on your visa should match the name in the passport. You can specify your patronymic in the line that says “other names used”. But the first line should have the name that international passport has.
  3. Hi everyone! It’s been 4 month since we filed and the application support centers got open after the quarantine,, but we have not been invited for biometrics yet. I thought we would be lucky and have the process done in 5 months. It doesn’t look like that. According to the USCIS official processing timeline (not sure how accurate it is) they are processing April 2019 receipts. 😔
  4. No one can tell you what they will think. You should know better meaning what to include or send them as an evidence because every couple has their own experience. Photos are not secondary evidence. It’s included in the section Proof of meeting in person. Although, USCIS doesn’t say must, they say “such evidence MAY include photos together”. you can read it here https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/Resources for Congress/Congressional Reports/I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance(e).pdf
  5. It doesn’t say anywhere in the instruction that photos is a secondary evidence. It is for USCIS to decide whatever evidences you sent them are enough to prove you had an in person meeting. You should know better. If you think it’s not enough, send more evidences. this is what the instruction says B. In-Person Meeting. Submit evidence that you and your fiancé(e) met in person during the 2-year period immediately before you filed this petition. Evidence of this meeting may include, but is not limited to, a written statement from you and/or your fiancé(e) stating the circumstances of your meeting, a copy of airline tickets, passport pages, or other evidence.
  6. could you share the link, because I cannot find this statement that you posted. I still see their message that Application Support Centers will resume later
  7. Check Keny answers. They presented Change of Residence document which states that the other parent allowed child to immigrate. As I already said other people present a document called Parental Consent which basically the same permission to immigrate. When I filed for my child immigrant visa and now for Certificate of Citizenship (the same requirements as for passport), I attached the Parental Consent.
  8. will his mother allow him to immigrate to the states? Usually embassy requires custody document as well before issuing visa. If it doesn't exist, in some countries people go to notary and do Parental Consent, like in the quoted thread below a woman from Mexico did, she presented alternative document called Change of Residence, where another biological parent gave permission to move to the states. You can present that document. Also, he is supposed to be under 18?
  9. why can't she use her visa? She will have 19 days. Her visa will be still valid until the last day
  10. Does anyone have any idea when the application support centers will possibly start working? I see on the USCIS official website it says they will start working later. "later" could mean eternity SOS! I am losing my patience.
  11. Whatever you mentioned “writing or righting” are both incorrect. They can read certificates in Russian. They have staff who speaks Russian. I assume If the problem was in translation they would‘ve stated so. You need to follow what they say in RFE and give them what they ask for. If you are confident the problem is in the translation, hire a professional to do it for you. It’s an easy job for a translator, just a standard document.
  12. It doesn’t matter if you submitted with Apostille or not. Maybe they believed your certificate is real and they didn’t believe it was, in that particular case. If they say the marriage certificate is not valid for the purpose of immigration, it means they don’t believe the document is real. Maybe the stamp is not clear, Maybe they assume it’s fake? Maybe someone has a friend in the registry office, they paid and got this paper. Nothing bad about apostille. It only proves the validity of a document outside of the country it was issued in. I’m not saying this document is fake, just giving you an example.
  13. you need Apostille. They don't believe your documents are real as I already said. If you send the same copy again, they will reject your petition. If you do have apostille, they will believe the documents are valid. Notary stamp doesn't validate a document for other countries. If you could scan and send your RFE here without your name? Just the part where it talks about documents.
  14. you need Apostille on your originals, then do a good, clear copy. Instruction doesn't say they should be in color, but probably they don't believe your originals are real. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Апостиль you need to do it here http://to77.minjust.gov.ru/ru/node/2326
  15. Thank you! it was pretty quick for you. I hope we will get invited for biometrics after this coronavirus ordeal gets over and offices will get open.
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