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    We met in London, UK in 2006 while both working at the same restaurant. Although when we met we were just friends and both had other significant others. In 2007 both of our previous relationships ended -individually...not because of each other! and we decided to give it a try. We have been together ever since! We started living together mid way through 2007 in London. We moved to Italy in May 2008 and we both moved back to our home countries in September 2008. From September 2008 - mid January 2009, he lived in Brazil and I lived in Georgia. But, I moved to Sao Paulo in January and am working on my portuguese everyday! We plan on getting married here within the next couple months and eventually moving back to the US. We plan on filing DCF, but we want to live here for a while (required 6 months, but I think it will be more like a year or two). I had a previous K-1 visa that was approved but then never used (my ex was approved for the visa in London but we broke up before he traveled to the US), so I know a bit about the K-1 process as well!

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  1. Yes, this. We were in the same shoes and we just brought it all! We're still married, so why not bring them. He had his interview about a month ago and the ceremony is this week. They didn't ask to see them (although we did submit copies with the application as requested). I've of the mind ot just bring it all!
  2. Hey all, My husband is having his Oath Ceremony in Atlanta this Friday. I read a post from September, which I assume is mostly up-to-date, but was wondering if anyone could answer some specific questions or have any more recent info. We're supposed to be there at 8:00am. It doesn't say what time the ceremony is. We have a family friend, my dad, and my sister-in-law who want to come (plus me) and our two young kids. Is this okay? Nowhere does it say how many people can or can't come with you...The post from September seems like we actually don't get to even see them giving the certificates and only taking the oath. That's kinda a bummer. Has that been the experience for everyone? Since we have some family friends coming, do they also have to be there at 8? Or does the ceremony start at 9 or something? Thanks in advance and I'll try to remember to post our experience so everyone else can see.
  3. Hey all, My husband has his interview in atlanta tomorrow. I tried to search, but only came up with posts from 2009-2012. Does anyone know if Atlanta still does same day oath ceremonies if you have a morning appointment? His interview time is 9:35am. I hope we can do the ceremony tomorrow too!! Also, our 3 year old is staying with his aunt, but our 9 month old will be with us. Is this a problem? I really want to go with him, but the baby needs to stay with me! If they allow the same day oath ceremony I'd love to go and pick up our 3 year old so he can be there too. I assume this is allowed, right? Anything else we should know? Expect? Bring? Not bring? Thanks!
  4. Marina-Del

    Filing N400 online, anyone?

    Hey all, So I just checked out online account after having done biometrics and it says we can expect 12 months (November 2018!!) before they schedule the interview. Based on many of your signatures, it seems like you were done much faster than this! Is this just what they say for everyone and in a couple months we'll get an interview date potentially, or will it really be likely 12 months before we hear anything else? Thanks!
  5. Marina-Del

    What to bring to Biometrics

    Ahh, yes. Can't forget those. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure he didn't need to bring any of the "proof" we submitted with the application. I guess we bring that all to the true interview later, not biometrics.
  6. Hey all, I'm sure this has been asked, but I searched and all I could find was what to bring to biometrics during removal of conditions! What should my husband bring to his biometrics appointment tomorrow for N400? Applying on 5 year rule. I know he should bring: His appointment letter, passport, and green card. Anything else? I seem to remember reading he doesn't have to bring pictures, but sometimes they ask for them? His appointment is in Atlanta if that matters.
  7. Marina-Del

    Filing N400 online, anyone?

    Hey all, I'm joining the party! Just filed online today!