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  1. Well, we haven’t been told by anyone. He isn’t an LPR yet, he only has a visa. I guess I could email someone and double check....everything is just moving so fast with the travel bans.
  2. So, my step-son had his interview and was approved March 3. I applied as an American citizen parent. It took about a year. He has his visa, but now can’t fly due to travel restrictions. Just thought I would let you all know.
  3. So now that we can finally upload our documents for Affidavit of support, I have added my Permanent Resident husband as a household member. Any ideas how long this takes to get approved so I can finish uploading documents? Really fed up with the website there and I keep getting booted off grrrrr. 🤪
  4. It took us several weeks for the NVC to contact us with the case number. We got the notice that it was being sent to the NVC at the beginning of August. I think we received the email with the case number on September 30th. It will come! It's definitely a hurry up and wait process. We started to fill out the Affidavit of Support after paying the fee and realized that the form was going to expire on October 14 so we decided to wait till tomorrow to print out forms and such. We've already uploaded all the documents they need.....I hope
  5. Oh sorry no, I'm filing as his US Citizen step-mom. He is not yet 19...in June this year he turns 19.
  6. So, I haven't been here for quite a while. I think I came on a couple years back asking for advice just in case. Our just in case is actually happening now. My almost 19 year old step-son desperately wants to join his dad, my husband (permanent resident) here in the US. I've gathered all the required supporting documentation that is listed for the I-130 and have filled out the paperwork. I will be going to get the check for the fee this week. Matt is still living in the UK, but this is a bit different than when I filed both times for hubby as I was with him in the UK. I'm trying to read it all but my head is just spinning with information. I just file the I-130, supporting documentation and a check correct?? I have a feeling I'm going to be here a lot soon. I have to try to guide my step-son while I figure it out myself. Would you suggest him possibly joining the forum? Thanks for your time, Kathy
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