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    Where to Start

    Thanks! No, he definitely wants to be a citizen, he becomes more American all the time lol...and I love to tease him about it. It's just something that we've put off because of the money (there is always something else that comes up that we need to take care of) but he got a new job last Sept and makes really good money now so it won't be as much of an issue. So it looks like we'll go that way...file the I-130 and then apply for his citizenship. I really appreciate your help!
  2. Hello Everyone, My husband is a permanent resident and has been here since Nov 2013. He is eligible for citizenship, we just haven't done it yet. We found out that his almost 18 year old British son would like to come live with us. Should he file now for the I130 or wait and become a citizen first? Obviously being a citizen would speed things up, but if he files the I130 and then becomes a citizen down the road a bit, will it be detrimental (cost more (other than the citizenship cost or cause more complications) or just helpful? We've been out of the immigration loop for a bit and with the new US administration I wasn't sure if things have changed in a crazy way. Thanks for your help!