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  1. I was notified by email. Here’s a photo of the email I got so you have an example of what you might receive.
  2. People ask this question a lot, and if you check their website it estimates around 6-8 weeks. At the same time the way NVC operates has always been a confusing topic, I’m not sure if they just do things at random or if they actually have a system in place. My documents were reviewed in just 2 days, and I’m not the only one that’s had it that quick. Yet I see many other waiting a couple of months just for 1 lousy document to get approved. So my answer might be frustrating: Maybe tomorrow or maybe 2 months from now. I hope sooner!
  3. Just received our interview letter for December 17th in London! DQ: 10/31/2019 Were so excited to finally see this journey come to an end! Now it’s just the medical before that.. Good luck to the rest of you!
  4. Also UK, got DQ 10/31/2019 and still waiting for interview to be scheduled. Usually pretty quick so hopefully soon!
  5. Yes US Passport sized photo Wouldnt worry about it, it can be corrected at interview
  6. I know right! I was thinking why wouldn’t they have just done some simple username and password system. But NO if I idle for too long I have to enter everything in again and do a captcha. Congrats on all your submissions! Hope they all get approved quickly. Congrats! You’re getting closer!
  7. That’s fine, just make sure it’s not an editable form when you submit it. File it under Tax Transcript, I wouldn’t file it under explanation of no tax transcript because I have heard of people getting a request for additional evidence. I filed mine under tax transcript and got approved no problem. Good luck!
  8. That’s great! Good luck on the next stage, keep us all posted. 😀
  9. Status will change to PAID sometime this week I’m sure. For me it took a little bit of time for it to show up even though the money had been withdrawn already. I paid for it the second I got the email and everything ended up fine, don’t worry! Also to anyone who is waiting for their status to change to PAID, remember that weekends don’t count towards processing times! I believe it’s more accurate to count 2-3 days after the money is withdrawn and not 2-3 days from when you submitted payment.
  10. Did they request for the additional evidence at the same time they made you DQ? Also for Lagos they schedule about a month from case complete with interview taking place about 3-4 weeks after that.
  11. I-130 Approval: August 21st - 08/21/2019 Sent to NVC: September 10th - 09/10/2019 NVC Received: September 17th - 09/17/2019 Case # Assigned: October 14th - 10/14/2019 Paid Fees: October 15th - 10/15/2019 Submitted Documents: October 29th - 10/29/2019 Documents Approved: October 31st - 10/31/2019
  12. Thank you! Documentarily Qualified, basically means all my documents were approved and I’m in line for interview.
  13. Thank you! It was early morning. Maybe 5-6AM. Also I don’t think anythings stupid when it comes to NVC, they seem to be unpredictable.
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