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  1. Hey everybody I´m currently awaiting for my consular interview and as I was reading through it, I found this: "If you are older than 18 years of age: The original police certificates from your country of current residence and all countries in which you lived for more than 12 months." I´ve lived in the US for more than 12 months in the past, as a student, will I need to travel there and get it or they mean other countries besides the US? Thank you in advance!
  2. We got our I-130 case approved yesterday! Got an RFE on March 1 and submitted a week after, once they got to uploaded it. PD - Sept 25, 2021 AR#1- Feb 25, 2022 AR#2 - March 9, 2022 Approval - March 11, 2022 Service Center: Nebraska (we got transferred from TX) We did not file K3. Hoping for fast approvals for everyone!
  3. Ok, I will be checking it up actively, thank you 😊 Yes, our SC is Texas as well, I hope everything goes smoothly with you guys.
  4. We have submitted all requested documents and we just got the RFE today, and we’ve been on AR as of 02/20/2022, yes.
  5. We got a RFE today, but we don’t see the document uploaded on the site, even though we’ve done all our filing online, does anybody know if this is something we should expect by mail instead of online? Is there another way to get to that document and see what they’re asking for?
  6. After 145 days from filing, today we’re on AR status, TEXAS SC. Hoping more September filers keep rolling soon! ✌🏼😊
  7. Thank you both for your prompt response, I´m quite new to this, so im trying to be thorough with everything, patience isn´t my strongest suit
  8. Hello everyone. I´ve been seeing that some have filed, on top of the i-130, the k3 as well, as a form of expedite, and I was wondering if this is something that we should do, since we havent heard anything so far and we filed i-130 on sep 25th. Thank you in advance. M&C
  9. That’s not what I received. I’m attaching the email I got after filing, and what it says when I check on my case status. As you can see, it’s only a payment confirmation and doesn’t have the information that you’re mentioning 😪
  10. We actually filed online, and that’s the only notification we have received so far, that’s why my concern here.
  11. Thank you Steve, that was very helpful, I already joined the September topic. Where I´m a bit confused is that we got a payment confirmation the next day, and that was it, not sure if thats our NOA1 or we´re missing that.
  12. Hi everyone! Me and my wife filed on sep 24th, and we hope everything goes smoothly for everyone on here Where I´m a bit confused is that we got a payment confirmation and that was it, not sure if thats our NOA1 or we´re missing that.
  13. We recently file our case, September 25th to be exact, and I´m wondering whats the best way to follow it and be able to know what agency will be processing it, NOA´S, etc. Also, will the agency handling our case be related to the State where it was filed, like if we did in Arizona, will it go to Texas or Nebraska, maybe?
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