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  1. Hello! I have similar situation, I had interview in May, got my ROC approved in July. Still nothing on the N400, and it has been over 120 days. can I ask you what steps did you take after interview to ask about your case? Has it been 7 months from the interview? No additional evidence requested, no background checks, all clear in your case? thank you!
  2. OMGod, now I have some some hope. I Had interview in May, same things happened with I751. So, no help to write to the government?!
  3. Thank you for asking. I had interview on May 9th. It will be 120 days in 10 days or so .I got green card in July, just a couple days before “out of processing” time. I don’t know what to do when those 120 days expire for N400. 🙄
  4. What to do in case USCIS don’t send Oath notice and it is over 120 days since the N400 interview?
  5. Such a nice news.:) May I ask when you got the notification about the Oath?
  6. San Bernandino N-400 processing time has gone from 3.5-8.5 months to 7.5-14 months. Lovely. 😣
  7. I had different experience. First N400 interview without approval because of I751 still pending and it wasn’t combo interview. I got the green card by mail when processing time was almost expired. Still waiting for that Oath Notice
  8. I had San Bernardino office N400 interview in May. No combo. Later I had infopass to get a I551 stamp. Found out my I751 case was a part of some project in CSC. Never was told what. Got my green card just about when processing time was out to expire. Now, in September it will be out of processing time for N400 and over 120 days since interview. Still no notice about Oath
  9. San Bernardino here. No combo interview, only N400. Meanwhile the 10 year green card arrived. They are approaching 120 and out of processing time in September, still no news.
  10. I did. Same like you. I put 3 years, because I worked as a flight attendant and I traveled of course a lot every week, it wouldn’t fit into any form 😂 Now, this was work related, but I didn’t mention anything beyond 3 years in the form, I didn’t make a difference between work and private travels.
  11. I completely understand your point and I agree Just sharing my experience. As other people’s helped me too.
  12. In my case, it was good that I submitted everything, because the I751 still wasn’t approved and it wasn’t in front of the officer at N400 interview. So the officer had all information about me, without I751, and my N400 was clean completely without any struggle. The officer liked that I submitted everything. I like to be over prepared. Just my experience.
  13. I remember while filing online, some of them are required. You just can’t fill the form and click submit. I attached as much as I could, so I avoid RFE or any misunderstanding. The interview officer told me anyway that I submitted too much documentation and it looks perfect
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