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  1. HI! Nothing really, but to know your 100 questions and answers. There is nothing to be afraid of, as long as your case is clean :D
  2. Hi, and sending you some sun from LA :) When applying online, all you have to do is to prepare all required documents on your computer in PDF or JPG, and upload them as the application goes step by step. Once you open the USCIS online account and you start your N400 application, you can have it for 30 days, before you have to pay and submit. it is very easy. Good luck!
  3. Unfortunalely, I am one of the “Weird” case. I write it here, you can read on the link: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/651896-n-400-and-i-751-combo-pending/?do=findComment&comment=9931157
  4. You are absolutely right! I always submitted anything extra in all my applications so far. I should be fine, but you gave me an idea about bringing the proof of all my trips, not only this last one. Thank you.
  5. Im based on marriage. I have my LPR since 2/2016. I have been abroad 3 times, and total is about 10.5 months, of course never longer than 6 months at one time.
  6. Similar, but I Have traveled abroad between interview and Oath. It was For 3 months. I have stamps in my passport and airplane tickets. I don’t think it should be a problem, but I can’t seem to find anyone who has similar experience and passed the Oath.
  7. Hello! Anybody here who has traveled abroad between interview and Oath, Labour 2-3 traveling (I waited a long time for the oath)?
  8. Congrats Mamma! I wish you the combo interview and speedy Naturalization What if you get Oath on the due date 😂 haha!
  9. I finally received my N400 approval and a scheduled Oath for November 19th! - Applied on Jan 2,2019 online, while I751 was pending - I had n400 interview on May 9th, wasn’t approved, because I 751 was pending. - Got I751 approved in July 2019 there wasn’t any update about N400 since then. - I wrote many emails and made many calls, but they never responded and they “broke” the 120 days after the interview law as well. - I wrote to Congressman and they sent inquiry toward USCIS on Oct 5th - I also wrote to Senator - I don’t have information if Congressman or Senator did something about approval I am endlessly thankful to so many good good GOOD people here on VisaJorney! I wish you speedy processing of all your requests and a happy life! 🇺🇸 PS: I have this urge to call Uscis customer service after I have my passport in my hands and tell them- you never helped me with anything 🤪😂 info: @Casablanko @Johny1988
  10. I would take a spouse with me, Because that call you made to USCIS, doesn’t prove anything, because they told me it would be a combo, and it wasn’t, and the other day someone posted here the opposite situation. Good luck!
  11. Well , I for a response to my inquiry I submitted on Sep 12, via phone 1-800. The reply came in a form of a written letter. “USCIS records indicate a formal adjudicative decision has not yet been made on your form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Although your application is still pending, USCIS anticipates you should receive a notice of action on your case within approximately 60-90 days of this notice. USCIS makes every effort to process cases within the projected timeframes and in the order in which they were received. Please be advised that posted processing times are goals based on Field office averages. The goals are subject to change and can vary from office to office.” So, 180 days (almost) since the interview plus 60-90 days for possible decision. I really don’t know what to believe, but I have almost no faith in reply. @Casablanko
  12. Thank you for this update. This is great news actually! I know the Oath should be the next logical step, but AT LEAST someone else took a charge of your case and I think they want to make sure everything is ok after i751 is approved. This is better than waiting till “nobody know me when” Oath. Good luck and keep posting what happens next.
  13. My inquiry has been pending more than 30 days. I wrote messages to house representative office of my district and to the senators. The representative already submitted an inquiry toward USCIS and told me to contact them again if I don’t hear something in 2 weeks (it has been a week since that). yesterday, I received mail from Senator with the forms to fill in and to return to them. I will do it in those two days.
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