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  1. Hey Adrian, I managed to get my medical exam moved up on the cancellation list and it's now on November 10. I kept ringing the Mater every day - I'm sure they got a little irritated with me but it worked in the end. It's still not 10 days before the interview but it's the best I can do for now. Please do let me know how y'all get on at the interview stage. I've heard the 15 days is average waiting time for them to hold the passport. Hopefully it'll go smoothly and you can both be together during the holiday season... I myself am hoping to be able to pack up and make it over there before Xmas. Fingers crossed!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in a similar situation to a few others who have posted on here. I received notice of my US Embassy interview appointment today at the embassy in Dublin, Ireland for my marriage-based green card to a US citizen residing in the US. It is scheduled for November 16. However, when I called the Mater Hospital (the only approved medical provider to do the exam), the earliest appointment date is December 6, and I was placed on a cancellation list. I believe this is common, albeit a little unnerving. Just wondering if other people went through this process and would be willing to share their experience. For example, what happens at the Embassy interview when this scenario occurs, and how long does it take to be adjusted once the medical examination results are sent to the embassy. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Mohtim, I am in a similar situation to you. I received notice of my interview date today for November 16, but there are no available appointments at the Mater until December 6 at the earliest. I was placed on a cancellation list at the Mater, but I'm wondering what exactly happens at and after the interview. Did they say anything at the interview to you about this? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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