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  1. We transferred our case to Jerusalem a few days before the war started. So then we emailed Bishkek and they were willing to accept our case but by the time they replied, Jerusalem started doing interviews again so we decided to stay there. So maybe try contacting Bishkek?
  2. Have you heard anything from the embassy in Jerusalem? We requested a transfer last week but nothing from them yet.
  3. Thank you for sharing this! Now I'll definitely try to make sure that we enter together. I've heard that most Russians are allowed in no problem but then I hear all these stories about people getting randomly pulled into a room with an officer and questioned for hours just to be banned from entering Israel for 10 years, those make me nervous. Don't wanna be one of the unlucky ones. We emailed the embassy in Jerusalem yesterday requesting a transfer.
  4. It's too early to book anything but we'll try to make it happen, definitely.
  5. My fiance will travel to Israel to support me so we'll be staying together but arriving separately, that makes me nervous. So I guess I should mention the interview and that we'll be there together. This K1 process is hard as it is but being Russian doesn't help at all. I'm already exhausted and we still need to get through the final step.
  6. Hey! I'm a Russian citizen currently living in Moscow. We got our NO2 just a bit over a month ago and are gonna try to transfer our case to Jerusalem because apparently it's the only embassy right now accepting cases when you're not a resident there. I have heard that some people are having issues at the border, I'm not sure how common this is but there's a chance of getting denied at the airport if they suspect that you have an intention to stay illegally, and banned from entering Israel. I don't know if mentioning the interview at the US embassy helps or not, gonna ask around on Russian forums. But right now this is our plan since getting a Schengen visa seems even more of a gamble and requires more steps with traveling to another country before flying to Poland. As far as I know, Ankara only accepts cases if you're a resident there (from what I've read on this forum).
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