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  1. I just read through it. Thank you. Would buying one way tickets from Tel Aviv to Paris and Paris to Miami work? Would it work? since they are not round trip tickets..
  2. Hello, My fiancé was recently approved her visa to enter the states. If we purchase a flight from Israel to Miami but there are stops in between in European cities (Paris, London etc), will she have any issues? She would just be passing by, she would not leave the airport. Will she need a Schengen visa just to pass through?
  3. Thanks. We were informed late of her interview that we scheduled the soonest date possible (which was Monday the 13th). However, scheduling 2 weeks in advance would be preferable. Her medical was originally going to take place in Bethlehem (but because of its proximity to Gaza (62 miles away) we didn't go through with it). However, I remember another Russian in a Telegram chat mentioning that her medical in Bethlehem went well (and is faster in processing times as opposed to Jerusalem).
  4. @pechenka Hello, yes my fiancé's interview took place earlier today. We have been occupied the last week with flights and transfers/reservations. (I have not been on the forum until now). She was called last week Wednesday that her interview was still active. So we scheduled flights from Khabarovsk to Moscow to Sochi and eventually Jerusalem. Yesterday was her medical, today was her interview. She was approved and is just waiting on her medical to clear (could take a few days since the clinic in Jerusalem takes a while to process)
  5. My fiancé's interview is on November 14th in Jerusalem. We will wait and see how everything unfolds. If it goes sideways, we might opt for the Schengen through France and ultimately return to Poland for her interview.
  6. Our case was successfully transferred to Jerusalem (shortly after we received our case number from Warsaw, we just asked to see if we could get it transferred and it was). We are waiting to pay the MRV fee for the visa application, but we cannot until interview slots are added (which will supposedly be opening up in September (for December 2023 slots). September, October/November are taken up.
  7. I was wondering what the current timeframe is for a transfer from Warsaw to Jerusalem. We recently requested our case to be transferred to Jerusalem (this past week), any idea what the wait time would be for the case to arrive at Jerusalem? What about interview dates in Jerusalem? What is the nearest date?
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