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  1. Just read the same thing. The State Department HAS TO designate a new consulate now. There's no getting around it.
  2. Tinkoff isn't sanctioned. Can still do international wire transfers from Tinkoff to US accounts.
  3. Hi, sorry but we never ended up trying. Just going to wait and see what the NVC says when we get to that step.
  4. Wanted to know which service center was processing my I-130, since I had a receipt number that started with "IOE"
  5. Just say "INFOPASS" I don't even know what that means but I got connected to an agent in 5 minutes. Good luck.
  6. Hello all, our I-130 has been under review for 5 months, and we want to get prepared for the next step in the process. We are anticipating that our interview will be in Warsaw because my wife is Russian. However, we don't live in Russia. We were visiting before the war and left shortly after it started. Now we are traveling around and will be in the Balkans for the next several months. So, my question is, can she apply for a Schengen visa outside of Russia? My brief googling indicates that technically she can, but I wanted to ask if anyone here has had success with this. Either way, we're still going to visit the Greek embassy in Belgrade and possibly Sarajevo and ask in person.
  7. If I recall correctly, it says enter information in their native language if that information can't be written with "latin english" letters. So no, for a Russian citizen you don't need to enter anything in Cyrillic, or Armenian. Just write the English version of everything: names, addresses, etc.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response. I'm also finding out that the interview wait times listed on state dept website can vary wildly from what they really are according to the consulate's scheduling app. Seems like these systems need a huge overhaul.
  9. Got it, thank you. We're going to choose one and stick with it. It may be a few months until we have an update, but I'll report back.
  10. Thank you. So, technically yes you can, but not in the way that I intended.
  11. Maybe it's because literally one person in this entire thread actually read my post and answered my question. Did anyone actually read my post? It says "Can we use the same DS-160 for multiple consulates?" Seems like a simple yes or a no question. I found out the answer is no. Where in my post did I ask if we'd get approved? I didn't. Seems like everyone in the tourist visa section is a bit too cranky.
  12. Thanks for the article, though it seems to focus more on Russians fleeing for fear of persecution, economic sanctions, etc., and not Russians married to US citizens. I don't think the two groups should be so easily conflated. I take everyone's point, though. I understand that we may get denied, and that's not the end of the world for us.
  13. You've totally lost me. Thanks for the taking the time, though. It's just "Ukraine" now, btw.
  14. I didn't say we're "visa shopping." I said we're "shopping around" for the best place to apply for a visa, considering that Russian citizens have to apply outside of Russia in the first place. The US government told all US citizens and their families to leave Russia when the war started. You don't think they might have a more nuanced view on our situation given the current circumstances?
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