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  1. You might be right on that one—I need to double check the wording on the online form tomorrow. In any case, I think you’re right that I should just list everything to play it safe. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Sorry to keep splitting hairs, but the only “permanent residences” I’ve had in the past 5 years were two apartments in a foreign country (which I used when I filed my taxes) from 2016 until July 2021. Since July 2021 I have not had what I would call a “permanent residence.” I spent a couple weeks visiting my parents, a week at the beach in another state, a month at one Airbnb in Georgia, another two weeks at another Airbnb in Georgia…about to spend maybe 1-2 months in Russia…do you see where I’m going here? 1) Do I list ALL these places and the time I spent there to be safe, even though none of them I would consider a permanent residence? 2) More importantly, will it be a big red flag if I DON’T list my parents home address under “permanent addresses in the last 5 years?” Which again, for the last 5+ years, I have maintained that address for the sake of bank accounts, drivers license, etc, but I have not actually lived there aside from brief visits. Thanks again.
  3. That seems crazy. Russian citizens need an EU visa to go there. Are Russians even allowed in Poland right now with COVID/Sputnik and all that? Am I missing something?
  4. Sounds like based on both responses so far, it's not actually that important where I physically am during this application process? I just don't want to be "lying" to them, saying my permanent address is in the US when I'm in fact not physically present there.
  5. My spouse has an apartment in Russia, where we will be staying for at least the next month or so. We never had a permanent address in Georgia---we were staying at an Airbnb. I haven't made it that far into the petition to enter her details---are you saying that they will ask which consulate to associate the petition with? In that case, we will either choose Yerevan, Tbilisi, or Istanbul. About that---one of the first things they ask is "Permanent addresses for the last five years." From August 2016 until July 2021 I was living abroad with a permanent residence. I added those addresses as instructed. I visited home for a few weeks beginning this past July, and then I flew to Georgia. Should I add my parent's address as a Permanent address for the few weeks I was visiting this summer? As well as the address of my Airbnb in Georgia? Even though neither are technically "permanent," per se?
  6. Hello, I'm really glad I found this site after a lot of digging around. My wife and I just got married in the Republic of Georgia (the country). I'm American and she's Russian. I have started the I-130 petition online and I'm already going a bit crazy after an online chat with one of the reps at USCIS. In short, I don't currently reside "permanently" anywhere and it will be that way for the foreseeable future. We work remotely (for a foreign company) and will be traveling from place to place. In fact, I'm traveling to Russia next week to meet her family for the first time! That said, our intention is to move to the US to live permanently. I have always maintained multiple US bank accounts, credit cards, a US address (my parent's house), a driver's license, etc. The question that the rep couldn't answer is this: what is my "permanent address" when I file if I am not physically present in the United States, and I may be moving from place to place every month or so? I have browsed this forum a bit and I've read up on DCF, but I don't know if 1) we would qualify and 2) if it's even possible considering that the US consulate in Moscow is barely operational because of staffing shortages. Any advice or guidance is much appreciated. Thank you in advance! And apologies if I don't respond shortly after sending this---it's getting late in Tbilisi! Thanks again.
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