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  1. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I need help or guidance on where I could find the information I need. I live in the USA and my mother is Colombian born and a venezuela naturalized citizen. She is currently living in Venezuela and her USA tourist visa is on her Venezuelan passport. The USA currently cut ties with Venezuela and we are not allowing flights from Venezuela into the USA, so my mother has to travel from Colombia instead. My mom will be traveling with both passports because she is not allowed to enter/exit Colombia with any other passport, but her Colombian passport since she is a Colombian citizen. Now, this is the part that it gets tricky. When my mom's family migrated to Venezuela a mistake was made on her immigration paperwork saying she was born April 24th 1951, so all her Venezuelan paperwork and passport states she was born on the 24th (she was like 5 years old so she didn't know what was going on), but her Colombian birth certificate actually states she was born on the 25th of April. She didn't realize this until recently when she received her Colombian passport. This was never fixed and now she has two passports (from Colombia and Venezuela) with two different days of birth. Per the USA Embassy they told me that my mother wouldn't be able to enter the USA with her Colombian passport because it doesn't match her US Visa. She would be okay entering the USA with her Venezuelan passport though. My question is, does US customs check for exit stamps from the country of origin? The reason why I ask this is because Colombia will stamp her exit stamp on her Colombian passport and if they do verify this I'm afraid they will give her a hard time about this. I'm just trying to find out the information I need to confirm that she wouldn't have issues entering the US. Her visa is still valid, she has come to the US so many times in the past with no issues, but of course she was coming from Venezuela. This is her first time traveling from Colombia and that's why I'm not sure if she will encounter any issues. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you,
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