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  1. I really appreciate your response and advice, I've went ahead and contacted the NVC with my best attempt at clarifying things and really just opening my heart and asking what's the possibility of voiding the letter and allowing us to move forward. Hopefully they will offer us a resolve and it won't be as terrible as what Illiria is stating. 💔 This whole K1 visa can be such a roller coaster of emotions, and adding in everything that was happening in Venezuela I can honestly say it wasn't the most rational thing for us to do but we felt there was no other options for us. Hopefully it will all work out.
  2. I truly hope this is not the situation, how depressing! The cancellation request was sent with the USCIS Receipt Number, but it was pushed through the NVC and to the embassy, we now have an actual CRS number. I'm not sure if there's anyone we can contact to explain the situation and continue or if it can just be moved forward anyways, the embassy gave us a specific e-mail to contact if we were to choose to cancel, but obviously we do not want that now that we know the actual circumstances and that we can process in Bogota.
  3. The case is now at the Embassy, we no longer have a USCIS Receipt Number (which was what was used to request the cancellation)) but an actual case number with the embassy contacting us with the visa there in Bogota.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, My fiance's visa was sent to the embassy in Bogota, Colombia due to the removal of embassy staff in Venezuela, it's incredible news because we had actually lost all hope that this process would be even possible after all the chaos happened there, we weren't sure if we should even continue our engagement that perhaps it was impossible to even continue the relationship, or maybe in the future we would just become married in another country. We had sent in a request to cancel the visa, with hopes of maybe eventually being reunited one day and marrying or pursuing the K1 from another country, however as the visa was processing at the NVC, it was expedited to the embassy in Bogota. It seems that they expedited it before the cancellation letter was received at the NVC and is now an entirely different case # and sitting at the embassy in Bogota. We had no idea that this was even possible and now we couldn't be anymore excited and feel that this gives us hope that we can finally be together and married once and for all. As of last night, we've completed the DS-160, however when we try to register an account to pay the embassy fee and schedule our appointments on the Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service website for Colombia, I receive an error message stating "Case number not ready to schedule". However, we've already been contacted by the embassy with all the information and packets to begin this process, and when I check the Visa Status Check on the CEAC website, it says that our visa application status is "Ready" So we don't know what to do or think, I've sent an e-mail to the embassy with no response, as well as to the technical support staff on the Visa Appointment Service website, and no response. Obviously with the cancellation letter that was sent to the NVC, it's been like a rain cloud hanging over us giving us so much anxiety (literally dry heaving before work today). Is it possible that this could negate our efforts to continue at the embassy in Bogota even though it's now a different case number? Or is this just a problem in the system? Or do we need to wait a few days for the DS-160 to process? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated because as much as this is the most exciting moment of our lives, given the circumstances and fragility, we also have a lot of anxiety.
  5. I do see the section that gives a break down of details for applying for both types, but the specific question on the state department website asking if this will affect the process specifically says, “Applicants may apply for nonimmigrant visas.” Not both immigrant and nonimmigrant.
  6. Guys, it doesn’t matter, your personal opinions don’t matter, if Trump does in fact put this into affect, it’s going to create a lot of problems for immigration processes and I’m trying to find out what options there are and if anyone has any insight.
  7. I really don’t care about the politics, I just want to know how this is going to affect our visa process.
  8. Definitely not good news if this goes into affect, per the State Department: “All applicants who are citizens of designated State Sponsor of Terrorism countries must be interviewed by a consular officer. Interviews are required, and, therefore, cannot be waived. Applicants may apply for nonimmigrant visas. An exception to the requirement for an interview may be made at the discretion of the consular officer in cases of A and G visa applicants (except for A-3 and G-5 applicants, who must be interviewed).” https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/frequently-asked-questions/visa-applicants-from-state-sponsors.html
  9. If implemented, does anyone know what this means in terms of our K1 processing? Certainly there’s options?
  10. Ok, just to clarify, the children would be included as wholly, not partially, dependent then? So I should calculate the poverty guidelines as a household of 4? Me + 2 children + Beneficiary?
  11. I'm about 3 months into our K1 visa processing, I'm trying to plan ahead in regards to Form I-134. I was a student the last few years and worked various jobs with gaps in between, median income on my tax returns has been roughly $20,000 with this year's tax return looking like I will be at about $26,000, however my new job that I started in July has me making around $40,000 a year. I have plans of changing jobs after obtaining my CDL license this December and already have offers earning more income. In addition to all this, I provide support for two children, however I'm the non-custodial parent. So my questions, are my two children to be included on my Form I-134 as wholly supported or partially supported? What would be the number of dependents to calculate? Due to my previous low income, changing of jobs, plus changing of job this December/January, will I be at risk for denial if I'm showing at our interview next year that my current income is more than the Poverty Guidelines? Thanks for all the help you guys
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