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  1. I do see the section that gives a break down of details for applying for both types, but the specific question on the state department website asking if this will affect the process specifically says, “Applicants may apply for nonimmigrant visas.” Not both immigrant and nonimmigrant.
  2. Except we’re applying for immigrant visas, non immigrant visas are you B1/2.
  3. Guys, it doesn’t matter, your personal opinions don’t matter, if Trump does in fact put this into affect, it’s going to create a lot of problems for immigration processes and I’m trying to find out what options there are and if anyone has any insight.
  4. I really don’t care about the politics, I just want to know how this is going to affect our visa process.
  5. Definitely not good news if this goes into affect, per the State Department: “All applicants who are citizens of designated State Sponsor of Terrorism countries must be interviewed by a consular officer. Interviews are required, and, therefore, cannot be waived. Applicants may apply for nonimmigrant visas. An exception to the requirement for an interview may be made at the discretion of the consular officer in cases of A and G visa applicants (except for A-3 and G-5 applicants, who must be interviewed).” https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/frequently-asked-questions/visa-applicants-from-state-sponsors.html
  6. Thanks for that, and my apologies, the forum confuses me when posting from mobile.
  7. If implemented, does anyone know what this means in terms of our K1 processing? Certainly there’s options?
  8. Ok, just to clarify, the children would be included as wholly, not partially, dependent then? So I should calculate the poverty guidelines as a household of 4? Me + 2 children + Beneficiary?
  9. I'm about 3 months into our K1 visa processing, I'm trying to plan ahead in regards to Form I-134. I was a student the last few years and worked various jobs with gaps in between, median income on my tax returns has been roughly $20,000 with this year's tax return looking like I will be at about $26,000, however my new job that I started in July has me making around $40,000 a year. I have plans of changing jobs after obtaining my CDL license this December and already have offers earning more income. In addition to all this, I provide support for two children, however I'm the non-custodial parent. So my questions, are my two children to be included on my Form I-134 as wholly supported or partially supported? What would be the number of dependents to calculate? Due to my previous low income, changing of jobs, plus changing of job this December/January, will I be at risk for denial if I'm showing at our interview next year that my current income is more than the Poverty Guidelines? Thanks for all the help you guys
  10. VenezuelaVisa

    Trouble filling out I-129F

    I actually found another post that discussed how buggy the new forms are, I'm going to fill out as much as I can and then handwrite the rest with a black pen. I'm curious if every box needs to be filled in with N/A or is it ok to leave a box blank/empty?
  11. Has anyone encountered issues filling out the I-129F form in Adobe Acrobat? I'm finally preparing to file, and it isn't allowing me to fill out some of the boxes. For example, my Physical Address 2 was an apartment and it won't even allow me to X the Apt. box, not sure what to do! Also, does every box need to be completed? In other names used, it won't allow me to put "N/A", because the / is considered a special character and not permitted in this specific box, do I just leave this blank?
  12. VenezuelaVisa

    Venezolana K1 Visa help!

    By the way everyone, I ended up going with Rapid Visa, but after seeing their service agreement and the documents they prepared, I immediately cancelled the service. What a waste of money! Seriously thousands of dollars for them to aggregate a form, no legitimate review, no particular expertise. If anyone on here is wondering, yes, just do it yourself with the help of this website. You do not need Rapid Visa.
  13. VenezuelaVisa

    Venezolana K1 Visa help!

    Did both of you attend the interview in Venezuela? I was thinking of obtaining a Venezuelan visa to go with her to the interview, or at least to visit and have more evidence that are relationship is in fact, legitimate, but things are deteriorating x 1000 every single day there. I heard even walking through the Maiquetia airport is a risk.
  14. VenezuelaVisa

    Venezolana K1 Visa help!

    I just found the Assembling the I-129F Package: Checklist, so that answers part of my questions, can anyone help me with the others?
  15. I have so many questions my head is spinning. I'll try to keep this as summarized as possible. My fiancé and I met on Instagram through mutual connections about 3 years ago, she's from Caracas, Venezuela and I'm from the United States, despite her inability to speak conversational English, and the little Spanish that I know, in combination with translation, we've somehow been able to develop an incredible relationship. We recently met in Bogota, Colombia and spent a very romantic week together in which I asked her to marry me. Now we're beginning the visa process and I'm having so many concerns and considering using a visa service like Rapid Visa (although I hear they mostly have experience handling Filipino Visas). The actual application... The addresses for simple things like her previous residence, employment, and schools... it's nothing like we use here in the United States. For example, her university (Universidad Santa María) doesn't even have an address on Google Maps, the information she is able to give me is just which campus she went to, and in doing some research on Google I found this address, Dirección: Final Autopista Francisco Fajardo, Vía Petare - Santa Lucía, Km. 4, Universidad Santa María, Petare, Caracas Literally all the addresses she's given me are nothing like the United States, so I really have concerns filling out the I-129F in regards to this. Do you think I should use Rapid Visa to have someone with a better set of eyes looking over everything? Do the dates of employment and residences have to be exact or can be estimated? For me, I had periods of unemployment, do I need to list those periods or only my previous employers? Regarding the evidence of a relationship, do I submit this (photos, scanned passport stamps, itineraries, chat/call logs, etc..) with my I-129F or is this evidence only needed for the interview at the embassy? Will our language and communication come into question? It truly is unique, but we seriously make it work. She's taking English classes and I've been in intensive Spanish studies since we first began talking so I imagine by the time it comes for her embassy interview and if approved, eventually the adjustment of status interview, I'll be more than conversational in Spanish and her in English. But could this be a problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!