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  1. Why are you muddying the waters with talk of a green card? Topic title says non immigrant visa, the post says 10 year visa which is standard for a B2, says the person entered and exited the USA, been posted in the Tourist Visa forum.. unnecessary and pointless information you are posting.
  2. You don't need to withdraw anything as you cannot sponsor anyone for a B2 visa so your affidavit or whatever document you gave to this person was useless and not needed/not used.
  3. Not sure what part is funny, as that's exactly how we see it which is most likely exactly how the CO saw it. It's common sense.
  4. ElDiablo

    Tourism visa

    So you are a refugee in France and expect anyone to believe you want to just visit the USA for tourism? Yea ok, not happening and rightly so.
  5. So what ties does she have to Mexico? Seems all you have posted is about her ties to the USA, which does not make the denial surprising. Looks like you have covered all the options, depends whichever works best for you.
  6. What date did they arrive? What does the online i94 state?
  7. No harm bringing a letter from your employer, although most likely won't be looked at, mine certainly wasn't when I got my B2 in London. As long as you have a solid well paying job and have travelled to different countries you should be fine. That was the main focus of the questions at my interview.
  8. They do not need any documents. It really doesn't matter if you being a USC will make it more difficult or not. It is what it is, assuming they want to visit they will apply regardless.
  9. You are not in a relationship as that implies having relations. Talking online is not one, you need to meet first. Do you really want to potentially have a relationship with someone that cant even afford a plane ticket? Especially as they live in a more 'developed' country where surely he has a lot more opportunities to make money than you do. Not to mention you say he is a lot younger, how is he going to support you? I think you can do a lot better.
  10. https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/visa-waiver-program/non-immigrant-visa-waiver-program-vwp/
  11. That is wrong. Being deported from the USA makes the OP permenantly ineligible to travel under the VWP. Only option is to apply for a B2.
  12. You sound very desperate to enter the US. How come you suddenly want a visitor visa after being denied for a B1? Something doesn't add up and the CO will see that as well.
  13. 3 months for business meetings with no plan at all for the 3 months? Yea ok, very odd, sounds so suspicious and I'm not surprised you were denied. You will most likely be denied again.
  14. You are not fooling anyone, you have already shown by your OP you are not trustworthy, he would overstay and you know it, so will the CO that's why he will be rightfully (and hopefully) denied his B2.
  15. When asked for purpose of visit at the POE just be truthful and say it's to get married to your boyfriend after which you will return home to file for CR1, so there is no confusion.
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