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  1. Sounds like a normal experience, I was only asked a few questions at my B2 interview. All the information needed is on the application form. How old is she? How much does she make salary wise per month in R$? When I had a Brasileira girlfriend I went over there a few times and I remember her 2 sisters got denied for a B2 and they are pretty well off by Brazilian standards.
  2. You are starting to sound really desperate to get them into the US. And desperation will only make it even more likely they will be denied. They say the truth. It's really simple. Fill out form online, go to interview, answer questions. So simple.
  3. No. Why can't he call them? Why are you sorting out his problem? Tell him to stop being so lazy and sort out his own problems.
  4. You basically proved the denials were the correct decision.. as the aim was for her to live with you not just visit. COs did a great job.
  5. To be honest from what you have posted it sounds very much like you want her to come on a B2 and stay forever so she can join her family. You said it yourself if she was under 18 she would have joined you. Can't have that many ties to her home country then can she. This is exactly how the CO will see it.
  6. AP can take weeks..months.. even years. There's no knowing when it will be finished. If you need to go this month you should look at alternative flights etc straight away.
  7. A transit visa or B2 visa... The requirements are exactly the same so it will be the same outcome. You should have applied sooner instead of last minute. You won't be getting on a flight that goes via the US. If you have to go then book a flight via a different country.
  8. Nobody said to do that. US > Canada > UK. No going back to the US.
  9. So your wife's daughter used a B2 to 'visit' the US and then decided to be selfish and abuse the terms of the visa by staying in the US, and now the son wants to just 'visit' as well? Yes right, nobody believes that, it's pretty clear what's going on. He won't get approved and rightly so.
  10. As mentioned, they are free to apply for a B2 visa, but whether they are granted depends on their own ties to their home country, not on you or the nationality of your fiance.
  11. Unlikely to be approved, do let us know the result.
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