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  1. Hi folks! February is officially in the "processing hot zone"*. Yesterday (21st of March), USCIS approved 32, denied 1 and withdrawn 1 February case(s), which is 17,71% of all yesterday's processing. February entered "hot zone"*, when January was almost 50% done. I wish you all a lot and fast approvals!! ❤️ *processing = making final decision -> approved/denied/withdrawn; *hot zone = more than 10% of processed cases focused on a mentioned month
  2. Our database is collecting all past statuses and doesn't overwrite them, so you can let me know if you will want me to check anything specific
  3. We already reached 2493 cases this month (12 working days) and we have 11 working days left! I hope I am not jinxing anything by saying that we will probably break through 4000 cases!?! Fingers crossed!!! 🤞
  4. You guys make me so happy! 🥰 Yesterday was freaking amazing, whoop whoop!
  5. Pulling it now! Until 29th of March reports are going to be later in the day, due to traveling. From that point on, we are going back to daily reports around 11 a.m. CET
  6. I have seen some mixed explanations about "DENIED" and "REJECTED" cases. Here is what I have figured out from processing the data: Rejections and denials are two different terminal statuses. REJECTIONS happen almost "immediately" when USCIS receive the form and they do the fast check-up (if the form is correct, if the fee is correct, if it was properly filed, if the form was signed...). DENIALS on the other hand can happen anytime when they start touching the case - there is no rule and no pattern; so whenever they bump into something reasonable enough (and not form-related) to deny it, they will do it. What we see in the most recent months are mostly just rejections, while cases around and before "hot zone" are already both - rejections and denials. I personally didn't want to make two separate columns for each, because I thought it will make people more confused (if they are not familiar with different terminal statuses, so we put them in one column category), but I will include the explanation in the Read Me!
  7. Whoops, I made a typo too! I meant 2022 as well! You are very welcome.
  8. They are not yet working on February 2021 cases. They are currently working on January 2021. You can follow their progress here (under "Total Cases" sheet -> "hot zone" (red line) in the table)
  9. Good idea, I will add the info into Read Me and explain under which processed category those statuses fall. Thank you for your thoughts! We will think about it and include it in tomorrow's update.
  10. We definitely want to work on giving more fine grain data. Eventually we would like to roll out personalized estimates, which we are currently focusing on. But I will have this 50%/80% in my mind and probably soon add some columns!
  11. Those cases account for 81 of the cases in the backlog. We were talking about this one when we were building a database and you just reminded us that we didn't finalize it and decided if we should put them under approved or rejected (since they are not either of those). We definitely have to do this until tomorrow's update, so thank you for that! Any suggestions where we should put them? We were thinking rejected, since they are not really approved, but we are open for suggestions!
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