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Found 12 results

  1. Which background check is needed in peru for antecedentes policiales? There are three options. Para el uso Nacional (8.5 soles) or uso en el extranjero (133.28 soles) or para viaje al exterior (47.4 soles)?
  2. Hello everyone 2 quick questions. Nov. 2021 filer for I-129f waiting for our approval which I will assume will be sometime in January 2023. I am currently living in Lima with my fiancé as she is 6 months pregnant with our daughter. Actually it’s pretty funny she might be born when we finally get approved fingers crossed. Question 1 : I recently changed my address to my brothers address in San Diego as I will be staying here in Peru until we go back to US as a family, but when I changed it I changed both physical and mailing address to his San Diego address. Should I change the physical address back to my Los Angeles address that is on my license and all my documents? I just don’t want any problems further down the line in this process. Does my physical address really matter? Question 2: I don’t remember what mailing address we put down for her in the application but we are now living in a new apartment and will have this address until we leave. Is there a way to update her address to our new address here in Peru? Does it matter or is it irrelevant because I read that anything after the actual application is sent and done online and through email. I just want to make sure because I do remember filing in her address. Thank you everyone!
  3. Hello, I am an American married to a Peruvian. We both reside in Peru. He has a b1/b2 tourist visa, and we would like to begin the green card process. The USCIS office has closed in Peru and I am wondering if it is possible to complete the green card process with both of us residing within Peru. Am I able to file I-130 petition from Peru? Can we complete the other steps from here as well? Thank you, Bridget
  4. My fiance is from Peru and doesn't have any vaccine records that he could bring to the medical. We live 14 hours from the capital (Lima) and are wondering if he should get some vaccines where we live before the medical to save some money. The problem is I don't know if these vaccines are going to be validated by the doctor at the medical or if he's going to have to get them all over again regardless. It also seems dangerous to administer 5+ vaccines in one day. Is there an official record he could get here or should we just wait until we are in Lima? I would love to know anyone's experience as it seems the doctor decides which ones you need anyway. I don't know which ones to get and I don't know if you can be vaccinated at a place other than one in Lima.
  5. Hello, i need some guidance, this is the second time that we are getting rejected on the marriage certificate part at the NVC. The last message we got is "Please replace this with an acceptable marriage..." however as it shows on their website we are only able to request this document from RENIEC, Because as the NVC specify If the municipality’s records have been incorporated into RENIEC, then the document can be requested in any RENIEC office, Our municipality where we got married is incorporated into RENIEC therefore we are only able to get the one that we are sending. is translated and everything, is a PDF with a QR CODE, again this is the only document that is pending for approval. i submitted an inquiry, but time will pass by and another 2 months might pass without even getting a response. Thank you,
  6. I would like to get advice. Which route is faster ? Should I go for a K-1 visa for fiancée? Or should we marry in Lima and file I-130 for consular processing? The embassy would be Lima, Peru Which one has the best shot at processing faster?
  7. Hello everyone! We filed the I-130 for for Immediate Family Resident in August 2021 from Lima, Peru where we were both living. In order to get things established, I (the US citizen) came back to the US in January 2022. I have finally found a job and in 3 days am moving into what will be our new place of residence once my husband (Peruvian citizen) can come. Today, I looked at our case online and tried to see if I could update the address (physical address for me still shows Peru, mailing address is what I have always used while living abroad - but both of these have changed to the new address now) and I saw a message that said the address could not be updated at this stage of the adjudication process. The capability, however, looks like it is still enabled. Any insight into this? Does it look like we might have a decision soon? And then I could update the address? Thank you so much for your feedback!
  8. Hello, My girlfriend is a legal citizen of Venezuela, but currently lives in Peru with her 2 kids. I am about to start the process of moving her to the USA. I have already researched and understand the K-1 visa process, but I am lost on the passport requirements portion... My girlfriend has an expired passport and we need new passports for her children. She spoke with someone in immigration that quoted her $250 for her passport renewal and $350 each for new passports for her children. I thought that sounded really expensive so I thought the guy in immigration might be trying to pocket money. Is there anywhere online where I can apply for passports on my girlfriend's behalf? And do those prices sound correct?
  9. Hello Everyone, I just have a simple question. I had my interview on October 28th, 2021 in Lima-Peru and I got my immigrant visa approved (after a lengthy process). I am still waiting for DHL (or US Embassy in Lima) to mail or get an email notification regarding my issued visa. It has been over 4 weeks after the interview and no update. I frequently check my email, CEAC and ais.usvisa webpage. I am aware with Covid there has been delays in every step of the way. I was wondering if someone have had the same experience and waited for 4 to 5 weeks (or even more) to get the visa issue after consular interview since the pandemic started. Thank you for reading! MC
  10. Hey everyone 👋 I have a question and I am having a difficult time trying to find specific information about the documentation needed for the I - 130 petition from Peru. Such as when do I need to provide police records for my wife. If anyone has experience starting this process please let me know 🤗 thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm an 27F American-born citizen who has been living in Peru for over 5 years. I recently got engaged to my Peruvian fiancé (30M) this year after 6 years together, and we're looking to move to the U.S. I've heard that because of the pandemic it's now most likely easier to get married in Peru and do a CR1 visa than it would be to do a K1. In addition, I understand that with a K1 visa he would have to wait for an EAD in order to work here in the US, but that would leave him with a resume gap while waiting to look for another job. I'm currently a legal resident of Peru under a work visa and can get my documents sent to me in order to get married there legally and start the process. But, I would definitely need a joint sponsor to help with the AOS as my only income is foreign-based and wouldn't transfer back to the States. What evidence would I need to provide to DCF and show that we're intending on moving to the US?
  12. Hey everyone, me and my fiance have been needing some help deciding how we want to do our marriage and her visa for our future. We have read a lot about both a fiance visa (K-1) and a spouse visa. I'm American and she is Peruvian. We understand that the process for both does take time and depends on the embassy of Perú. We are looking for advice from anyone from peru thay knows how the embassy is currently functioning with fiance or spouse visas at the moment. We understand covid has put some delays on a lot of visa approvals but I beleive that they are still processing the spousal and fiance visas. We've come to understand that the spouse visa will probably take a minimum of 2-3 years however she will receive her green card and be able to work in the US and move in with me immediately after receiving the approval. The other options with the fiance is to wait a little less time, around a year, for her approval and get married in the US within 90 days of the approval. She would then have to wait 3-6 months ish for a status adjustment and receive, I beleive, her green card as well. During that period she can't work or leave the US is what we understand. The other thing we've read is I need to meet a certain income requirement. As I'm a student right now this might be hard depending on how high it is but not impossible. Does anyone know anything about the income requirement? I live in Oregon currently. In terms of how much is required and if they check house hold income or personal income? Do they check this through taxes from the previous year? Here's where we run into trouble trying to decide. We're both currently in school right now. I'm working on my bachelor's with about 3 years left and she is working on starting her PhD or masters. We are trying to plan in a way that we can be able to live together as soon as possible which means we are looking into options for her schooling and mine to align. Does anyone know if she can study while on the probation with the fiance visa at a US school? Or can she receive a student visa while waiting for either visa approval? The other option we were considering is the spouse visa in which I would finish my degree online and she would attend a post graduate program. I am also attempting to maintain an online job as an English teacher with TEFL certification. Does anyone know if it would be problematical legality wise to work out of the country with an online job? (tax laws etc.) Does anyone have any insight to our situation? On any part of it would be helpful. We've been debating what to do with constant research for 3 months now and haven't been able to make a decision so any help is appreciated. We have also looked at immigration lawyers as an option. If anyone knows if this is worth it and if so good references would be helpful. Thank you!
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