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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, can someone please tell me how much is the medical examination in Peru, what do they do in the medical examination and also the visa fee. Thank you
  2. Hello fellow VJers, My stepson has to go to Peru every year to see his biological father. We usually travel with him, but this time we are planning for him to travel with a friend from the US to Peru (we'll meet up our son later and come back with him to the US together). I've tried to look up information online, but it seems unclear what exactly we need to do. I understand he will need to travel with a consent form, but does he need both parents' consent? As in, his mother's, with whom he lives in the US, and his father's, who lives in Peru? If so, does it need to be translated and legalized in the US, Peru, or both? Has anyone experienced this? FYI - the information I have found says that even when my stepson travels only with his mother, he is required to have consent from his father. However, he has traveled to Peru three or four times with his mother only and has never been asked for a consent from his father (who lives in Peru). Thanks, Allan
  3. Hi there. We are about to start our process. I've read so many posts about the Melichor (or something like that) doctor , saying she pretty much FORCES you to get the vaccines there with her clinic at a VERY HIGH COST. 1* Is there anyone who had the vaccines OUTSIDE her Clinic (other clinics, MINSA, etc) ? 2* Which vaccines are mandatory for the K1 visa ( I read somewhere : influenza, tb, hepatitis and neumococo, true?) ? Thank you so very much! Dee
  4. We had our K1 Interview scheduled for Nov 2, 2018 but due to a needed medical treatment we had to cancel and reschedule for after Nov 23 after all results are back. I am looking and there is literally only 1 date available for the rest of the 2018 calendar year (Nov 9), and nothing shows for 2019 either. Does anyone know how often they open up dates to interviews? Is it a couple weeks at a time? Judging that there is nothing available in the foreseeable future I am assuming that they open up dates gradually. Would love some insight if you have it. Thanks!
  5. Is the tourist visa interview in Lima in English or Spanish??? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting so forgive any ignorance or redundant questions you surely have heard before ... I am the petitioner for my wife (beneficiary) in Peru. We have gone through everything so far and received an interview date and time at the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru in less than a week. After looking over all of our documents, I went back to print the DS-260 confirmation page from CEAC and I noticed a couple of errors I made on the actual DS-260 form. The errors were: 1) Wrong date for how long my wife has lived at her current address (ex. she lived there from 2007 and I had accidentally put in 2003) 2) Forgot to put my wife's employment history To explain a bit more regarding the employment history omission, I guess I either forgot altogether or didn't feel it was necessary to put down that my wife only helped out her friend at a local school (for less than 1 month) and helped children in her neighborhood with English homework (she barely got any money from this and it was more for friends and family). I did however put those two things down in her G-325A when I mailed out the I-130. Will this show up as a discrepancy to the consular officer? And would my wife be able to mention this at the time of the interview since it's too late to fix the DS-260? Would it be wise to fill out a DS-230 and bring it to the interview to note the changes? I don't want these two small errors be the cause for any delay in my wife obtaining a visa. She also recently updated her passport since it was going to expire in less than a month, but I didn't think it would be a problem as long as she brought both the old and new passport with her. THANKS!!!
  7. Hi everyone, im in the process with my fiance for a K1 visa through Peru embassy. Recently he went to the doctor for the medical exam and they placed him in a 8 weeks wait period and gave him an appointment for sputum test. I would like to know if anyone knows how is the process in Peru with this and if we can go to the interview before this 8 weeks finishes.
  8. Rodney & Julissa

    K2 Visa Peru

    Hello every one. I am going through the K1 visa process. I am a January 2018 filer. My question is my fiance has a minor son and Peru laws states that we must have the fathers signature to leave Peru. The problem is not with initially leaving Peru to move but it's every time we go visit Peru will he have to have the fathers signature every time we visit Peru and return back to America?
  9. New here and just beginning planning process to obtain an IR1 by DCF in Lima. I am a US citizen by birth, my wife is Peruvian and we married in January 2010. Since September 2010 I have been living in Peru and, in January 2012, we had our first, and only, child who received her Consular Report of Birth Abroad and a US passport and is a US citizen. My wife has a US tourist visa, we have gone several times together as a family to visit, but are beginning to think about the LEGAL immigration process. Any advice anyone can give initially would be great. I'm sure I will have more questions to post in the near future. ...Thanks.
  10. I am flying to Lima, Peru on May 11, 2018, to marry my beautiful fiancee. I am bringing my suit, her wedding dress, various other dresses and negligees, plus some nice jewelry to go with them. She is already warning me that if the gifts are over $1000. I will get taxed heavily. She suggests I hide the jewelry in my shoes in the suitcase. I don't want to spend twice as much on the jewelry with all their taxes, and I don't want it stolen, if they find it rummaging through the suitcase. My friend suggests shipping them there, but won't customs open it and charge me taxes? Or steal it? This is my 1st international flight, and I could use some suggestions folks! Thanks!
  11. Hello! I went to the DMV DLPC this week with the intention to take the written test. I was called to the front desk and a lady gathered my documents (foreign passport with the I-551, rental agreement and SS Card) saying it was all in order. However, after trying several times to have my passport's biographical page scanned, their software wouldn't take it as a valid document. At that moment she explained to me that I had 2 options: (1) To wait until I receive the actual (plastic) GC in the mail and come back, or (2) to enter the 'Secondary Review Process' (SRP). Option (2), according to her, was not a very good option bcs, even in the case of the GC arriving within days, the local DMV wouldn't be able to touch the application until the SRP was finished in their HQ in Sacramento. Additionally, she mentioned that the SRP was taking at least three months from now, so as you can imagine the trauma from waiting so long for the IV Process made me decide not to continue with it. My questions are: 1. Does someone recently have tried to get their DL? (Preferably some IR1/CR1 from CA) If so, have you encountered the same situation? 2. I entered the country on March 28th; and I my husband paid for the Immigration Fee on March 23rd. Does anyone have an idea how long is currently taking to receive the GC by mail? I called USCIS recently and the operator said it could take up to 120 days. Passed that timeframe, I could submit an inquiry about it. Thank you!