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  1. I am just as completely baffled as you are. The son in already in the US with the mother, the only person left to ‘immigrate’ is the husband, but for some reason they chose to add a newborn child onto an already processed ds260? A child who is already a us CITIZEN?
  2. How Nairobi went from scheduling a months worth of dq cases last year to now only scheduling less than a weeks batch is beyond my understanding.
  3. Thanks for the update, we got dq’d April 30th so judging by your timeframe we have two more months to go 😤.
  4. I just joined twitter too, for the sole purpose of getting ‘making some noise’
  5. That’s strange, people seem to be getting their interviews on the 11th month after getting dq’d.
  6. We’re you DQd in march or April? I just checked your timeline and it says April 29th…
  7. If you got dq’ed in march then you should get an interview for February, meaning the notification should come next month ( the embassy gives you a little over a month to prepare for the interview ).
  8. I recently had a chat with someone who had their case documentarily qualified in December 2021 and they just had their interview in early November 2022 ( last month ) so we should be getting close, I see us both getting interviews in march 2023 based on this person’s experience. Since we both got dq’d in April.
  9. Hi, I’m not even sure what’s going on at the Nairobi embassy any more, I mean they seem to be processing more ‘immigrant visas’…below is a data breakdown of IV’s that were issued between June-September 2022 - I made a comparison between diversity visas vs CR1, IR1 visas ( please note this is official statistics from the travel.state websites’ Monthly Immigrant Visa Issuance Statistics JUNE ( DV-29, CR1-4, IR1-55 ) JULY ( DV-66, CR1-2, IR1-10 ) AUG ( DV-208, CR1-1, IR1-9 ) SEPT ( DV-1034, CR1-0, IR1-1 ) Looking at these numbers we can conclude that the Nairobi embassy gave ‘priority’ to green card visas for during past four months ( October statistics haven’t been published yet and I’m really interested to see the new data ). I can understand the rational given DV visa fiscal year ends in September and they were trying to process as many DV’s as they could before September ends. Similarly we’ll also be ‘upgrading’ from CR1 to IR1 by the end of the year, Nairobi seems to be processing more of the IR1’s so hopefully this is a good thing. 🤞🏾🙏🏾
  10. Hi any progress on your case? Have you heard back from the Nairobi embassy?
  11. Please do, if for some strange reason I get mine before yours I’ll let you know as well.
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