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  1. I will have an employment contract specifying a start date for my role in the US. I have a good relationship with my manager, so basically I can say "I am planning to move XX date" and they will make the relocation contract based on that. One more question - my contract for my job move will say 12 months - is this long enough to apply for DCF? Or do they want to see that your relocation to the US is indefinite in the employment contract?
  2. We have flexibility on my start date of my job, so we could technically wait for DCF to be approved, then apartment hunt, then move.
  3. Hi everyone, I will be applying for DCF due to job relocation. I currently live in London with my husband who is a UK citizen. I was recently divorced after being separated from my previous partner for 6 years. I am worried that USCIS will scrutinize my application because I was recently divorced, before remarrying. In anyone's experience, does the USCIS request extra documents in these circumstances? I can prove that my husband and I have lived together for 2+ years, and I could also provide supporting letters from friends to substantiate our relationship, but I am worried they may reject my application because I was divorced, remarried and applied for DCF in a short timeframe. Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone! I am curious if most people secure an apartment lease/housing while waiting to have their DCF application approved? I understand having evidence of housing (such as an apartment lease) can strengthen the application, but is it too risky in case it gets rejected? To share more background: I am a US citizen living in London and have a job offer relocating me to the US. My spouse is a UK citizen. We have nothing complicating our application. I would like to travel to the US while my partner's application is pending, so I can secure an apartment for when he is approved to move. I know this is a subjective question - but is it stupid to put a deposit down on an apartment while the visa is pending? Are there any common issues to look out for, to make our application as strong as possible?
  5. Hi @Esylvia I cam across this thread as I am currently applying for DCF in London. Thanks for sharing all your info, it's so helpful! I saw that you didn't make enough money to sponsor your partner. Do you know what the minimum income is? I haven't been able to find this info and am trying to decide if I need a second sponsor. Thank you for your help
  6. Hi @Zack202 I came across your post as I am currently filing DCF. I am confused about the DS-260 - can you tell me what the form is for, and at what point in the process you completed it? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Hi there, I am also planning to file DCF. If you look on the embassy website I remember seeing a document checklist. Here is one I found but not sure how accurate it is: https://citizenpath.com/form-i-130-checklist-for-spouses/ I have also read somewhere that you need to prove 'intent to domicile' aka intent to live in the US permanently. This could be your US drivers license, apartment lease, voter registration, US bank statement all showing that you have a footprint in the US. Also people usually provide US tax records, showing that you have filed taxes or FBAR while you were living in the UK. My partner and I are getting married in August, then going to apply. I would love to keep in contact and hear how it goes for you as it seems like a confusing process and I will probably have questions too! Good luck
  8. Hi there, I am in a similar situation and will get married on 11th Aug. We are going to wait until after we are married to apply.
  9. @Crazy Cat Thanks very much for your response! One more question - my husband and I live together but he bought our apartment before I moved in, and I am not on the mortgage. Do you know if USCIS accepts other evidence of cohabitation, aside from shared tenancy/ownership of property? For instance we both have lots of mail addressed to the same address but I'm not sure if they require 'official' documents like utility bills etc.
  10. Hi everyone, I am applying for DCF through the London embassy. I am currently looking at the document checklist for the I-30 application. One of the supporting documents listed is to Provide documentation to support bona fide marriage. "In addition to the marriage certificate, submit one or more types of documentation listed on the USCIS Form I‐130 Instructions, page 7, at www.uscis.gov/I‐130." I can't find anything on USCIS website explaining what documents they expect to prove the marriage. Can anyone explain what these are? I was divorced shortly before my husband and I were married, so I am hoping to include as much supporting documentation as I can, in case the divorce weakens my application. Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, I am planning to submit a DCF application to sponsor my spouse. I am a US citizen living in London and have UK permanent residence. My current job has offered to relocate me to the US, and I will have a new employment contract stating my new location. Does job relocation count as 'exceptional circumstances'? As I am not starting an entirely new job, I won't have a job offer letter, but a new employment contract. Does anyone know if the employment contract would suffice as demonstrating the need for relocation? If necessary I could ask HR at my company to provide a formal job offer letter. Thank you!
  12. Thanks a lot! I just found this on the site so it looks like they have a form for contacting them about this: If you are a U.S. citizen, the Department of State may accept a petition from you if you are filing for your immediate relative (spouse, unmarried child under the age of 21, or parent (if you are 21 years of age or older)) at a U.S. embassy or consulate in certain limited circumstances, as described in the USCIS Policy Manual, Volume 6, Part B, Chapter 3. They list relocation for a job as one example - Short notice of position relocation – A U.S. citizen petitioner, living and working abroad, has received a job offer in or reassignment to the United States with little notice for the required start date. So I will try my luck and see if they will accept it.
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and researching the possibility of filing DCF. I am a US citizen based in London and planning to move to the US with my spouse who is a UK citizen. Does anyone know if the embassy in London still accepts DCF? I am planning to submit DCF for a CR1 visa, on the basis of having a job offer in the US which requires me to relocate short notice. Thank you!
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