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  1. I think this is the time they need to schedule/organize the oath. My case changed to “Quality Review” after I passed the interview (which was in June). Then the oath was schedule for August, in a basebol stadium, where 502 people became citizens (there was around 1500 people - applicants plus family/friends). I am not saying this is the reason… I am just assuming.
  2. I booked my appointment as soon as I got my oath letter. Ceremony was in the morning and passport appointment was in the afternoon. In my case the oath notice arrived a month prior to the ceremony so it was not difficult to find spots available.
  3. You can reschedule. You need to send them a letter. Heads up - sometimes takes up to 2, 3 months for you to get an answer from them so I will probably reschedule your other appointment.
  4. Lol. Maybe the officer wasn’t in a good mood. On my interview the officer was talking about soccer, traveling, his family and etc. hahaahhaha I don’t have my certificate yet as my ceremony is in 2 weeks but my husband got his months ago and he signed it using his signature (not his full name). Congratulations!!
  5. Have you checked on YouTube for the St Louis Court - Naturalization ceremony? This one is the one from Kansas City but I am positive you can find St Louis and “track” from there. https://youtube.com/channel/UCh2xjA2uVFmgEXjpVeGmbmQ
  6. I don’t think so. I know they are doing lives of the ceremony on YouTube. If you check there was one in middle May and another one in middle June… so my guess is one per month. If that is the case ours will be middle July. https://youtube.com/channel/UCh2xjA2uVFmgEXjpVeGmbmQ
  7. I had mine on June, 10th (Kansas City, MO). Status changed to “Submitted to quality Review” since then. Officer told me that takes a while as they have to have an X number of people to be able to schedule the ceremony. Nothing we can do… just wait. In the meantime you can check all docs necessary for the passport and leave it all ready to go.
  8. You can download the pdf online with date and time under “documents”. This is the same notice you get by mail with date, time, location and etc.
  9. You can click on “forgot password”. Don’t worry. I am positive you are going to hear from them soon.
  10. Hi All, I passed the test on June, 10. Waiting my Oath to be schedule. Here is my timeline so far: (Side note: I got the green card through work)
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