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  1. Finally almost done with citizenship process, passed the interview test today at Charlotte, NC site. Was virtual interview - 6 civics test questions and N400 questions. Interview was done within 10 minutes. Good thing was i mentioned planned travel and the officer was happy to send request of oath ceremony after i return back to USA from abroad travel. I didn't have any issues throughout the interview process. Now i can travel abroad while waiting for oath ceremony and after return back attend ceremony. Applied N400 Nov 24, 2021 -> Interview Sep 9, 2022. Oath will be scheduled sometime end of Oct(hopefully). Goodluck to all waiting for there interview.
  2. Well explained, never thought of that way. Thankyou and have a happy weekend.
  3. But other folks are saying some uscis site are doing oath ceremony same day after interview is passed. can you please explain N400 required a quality review , what does this mean ?
  4. Congratulations, for me wait time is 6 months. applied nov 24, 2021.
  5. I applied on Nov 24, 2021 (GC from work as well) still status pending. 6 Months left. Which city/state did you apply?
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