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  1. Yeah already divorced and attached the decree of dissolution paper. I heard that no matter what joint or self petitioner can waive the interview depend on situation on USCIS article.
  2. Did you file the I-751 waive petition too? He mentioned that interview is no exception for all individuals filer. I readed many experience in this forum, but some had change to waive the interview. He said that I can explain the blank info on the interview. I said I have chance to waive the interview.
  3. I understood what you said. I was filed I-485 by myself, and it was approved without lawyer. However, I don't know some info that I need to put in the format. Because ex spouse address is not in USA. I don't know I got stressed. He mentioned that he had experience, but I think he don't have any experience like my case.
  4. Yes, I already received the 24 month extension letter and my status changed to fingerprint. I don't know my lawyer don't have experience about that. I ask him that he have experience to file the I-751 like my situation and he said yes and he know how to revise the form to send it.
  5. Thank you for your answer. Did you have similar experience? I talk with lawyer that he can request to replace the form. I just want to know those part must be filled out?
  6. Hello, my lawyer filed my I-751 divorce petition to USCIS on Sep 26 2021. My case updated to fingerprint yesterday. I found the error that she filed I-751 with missing information on the form. I have couple question about the I-751 divorce petition form. I prepared the document except I-751 form. lawyer checked box only my marriage was entered in good faith , but the marriage was terminated through divorce or annulment. and leave the blank on Part 4 (relationship 1.a and 1.b. and other information 2.a. 2.b 2.c 3 4 5 6). Lawyer insisted I submit the petition by myself, so he leave blank in previous case and it was correct direction. However, in my opinion, I need to fill out all info.. Can you guys help which one is correct. I also checked box on I resided other address after I receive permanent resident card. However, He didn't provide additional info( address and duration) on additional page. What do I do? I don't know which one is correct Once the form is wrong, is there any option to revise the form and submit to USCIS? Please help me !! Thank you
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