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  1. Hey everyone-


    I have gotten married recently and am waiting for the marriage certificate so I can go and get an SSN (because of name change..), but after looking through the I-485 form, there is an option for me to get the SSN using the form itself. Would you recommend me getting the SSN prior to filing the I-485 or should I do it before? I know i should file I-485 before I go out of status, but I'm also concerned if it'll take forever before I actually get the SSN through I-485.


    Thank you in advance!

  2. 8 minutes ago, Kai G. Llewellyn said:

    I'm surprised that Montreal accepted your case if you're on visitor status in Canada. Usually they want proof of Canadian Citizenship, Canadian PR or work/study permit to accept your case.


    Regardless, there is no harm in applying for a visitor record. They take 6 months-ish to get and during that time you're on implied status (effectively a de facto extension) and the cost is minimal. Explain you're waiting on a visa from the US and show documentary proof, I don't think IRCC will have a problem with it unless you've been in Canada a looooong time.

    it probably helps that it didn't start as a visitor, haha. 

    I'm just here at the moment to finish it up. Would take longer if I moved back to my country to take care of it now-- besides I can't even move back since they have my passport. But yeah, thank you, I think I will apply for extension.

  3. Hi all- I'm waiting for my K1 visa to be issued. Right now it is on "approved", working day 7 (They said to contact them if I haven't gotten it by working day 10). I'm not Canadian but I've been trying to stay here to finish the K1 procedure on visitors permit, which expires on February 3rd. 


    My question is do you think I should extend my visitor permit? Or should I have faith in the Montreal consulate (lol) to send my visa out before then?


    Thank you

  4. Hey guys, my visa got approved on the sixth of January. it still says approved, not issued yet. 


    "Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application."

    Am i expected to receive it in like 4 more days (Since right now it is working day 6) or am I waiting for it to change to issued?


    this is a K1 visa, if it matters.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Tiabeanie said:

    Congratulations I'm happy for you 🎊🎊. From what I read I think once they sent back your passport that's when they change the status to Issued.


    I'm hoping to get approved soon. Monday would make it 5 weeks since I've submitted a missing document to the embassy.

    Thank you!! and that's good to know, i'm really glad.

    I'm sure you'll get approved anytime soon now :) Think I sent my police record a week or two after my interview (Nov 08 interview) and got it approved just yesterday, so I think our timeline may be similar in that sense

  6. Hey guys, good news, today the status changed from "application received" to "Approved"-- i'm just a little bit  nervous about it since I've seen the others said theirs said "Issued" instead? Should I be waiting for that instead?


    also, @kryptonite, where did you get your tracking info? do they just email it to you? 


    16th dec (refused) -> 28th dec -> 03 jan -> 04 jan (application received) --> 06 jan (approved)

  7. 2 minutes ago, throwitaway said:

    Did you have a missing medical or document? It takes them like 6 weeks minimum to review that stuff once it comes in. 

    i certainly hope that part is over !! lol, my interview was back in November ! I was missing my medical (it came in late... receptionist on the phone said it would get there on time.) and an incorrect police certified background check. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, kryptonite said:

    For those interested, I kept track of all the dates throughout the immigration process. The details of my actual interview can be found in the Consulate review section for the Montreal Consulate...


    Congratulations !! i'm happy for you :) (Curious how you didn't have an application ready status- so i'm still a little wary whether i'm accepted or not)

    Did you have to pay for premium delivery to get the tracking ?



  9. On 12/19/2022 at 10:17 PM, ice-qube said:

    Another two meaningless CEAC “Last updated” updates on Dec 12 and 16. Still remains refused. They just like to play, i think.

    same here- my interview (K1) was at 8th of november, and then the case was updated on the 16th and now 28th of december. i am hoping they will be ready by the beginning of january, but i am not sure if i am being optimistic or not..

  10. thank you so much for posting this!! good to know someone else is in the same boat, think I am hitting week three since it's been "refused" for medical + correction of police criminal record certificate... i'm happy you're getting yours soon, all the best!

  11. Hi all,

    I sent follow-up documents around two weeks ago to the consulate section, using the mail carrier that was approved by the US consulate (Canada post). Today I found out you can send it via the courier service that they provided, and I've only updated my status in the ais.usvisainfo site today to "Consulate section has requested more documents.", and now my current status is "Send Documents", something I've already done.


    Will this incur a delay and will they even accept it if I don't send it via the courier service? 


    Thank you in advance

  12. Hey folks, I was wondering if any of you have gone to a k1 visa interview with the medical examination result still pending?

    I had my medical done on the 1st of November and my interview is tomorrow morning.

    I called someone on the clinic and they told me they can't guarantee it may come tomorrow morning, and she told me that it would be refused temporarily on medical result grounds but I should still go to the interview. 


    Anyone have any experience? Thank you

  13. 2 hours ago, Pete Rogers said:



    Can anyone please advise me exactly what I need to include in the letter of intent (as the beneficiary) for the K-1 visa? The guide on this site gives just very basic, official language to use, but looking at examples on pretty much any immigration law firm's website, they say you have to include a full breakdown of how you met, which is confusing me. I don't want to leave anything out and risk doing it wrong, but there seems to be too many variations online to know what's right and what isn't.


    I know at some point we both have to provide proof of a relationship — photos, boarding passes, receipts etc... is that part of this, too, or does that come later?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    For the letter of intent, I made it clear that I, as the beneficiary, intended to marry the petitioner within the 90 days period. I briefly laid out where the wedding will take place, and briefly described the proofs of my intention to marry the petitioner. The proofs were online chat logs between my mother in law, and chat logs between myself and the petitioner (all of which were very personal). Before I provided the evidences, I also clarified that none of these were altered and are genuine. I also virtually signed the paper, and made a space for my fiancé to sign it once he printed it.

  14. 1 hour ago, J/G said:

    Hey there,


    Unless they revise the police record requirement since 2017, I don’t believe US embassy require you to get a police record / clearance from certain countries and Indonesia is included in this list. Not sure why, probably because you can easily pay a fee for such record without anyone having to actually check it thoroughly. 

    i didn’t submit any police record from Indonesia, I lived there until the age of 18, and then again between the age 23-25. check the visa requirement from the us embassy website or contact the jakarta embassy. 

    Best of luck!!


    Thank you,  glad to hear someone in the same boat as me. That's reassuring -- I'm in the process of getting the things needed for it (I just need the fingerprints left), and then getting it translated. Since I have everything in place I'm just going to do it anyway just in case, easier for me since I still have family there. :) It's always better safe than sorry in the immigration process am I right? 

  15. 10 minutes ago, Cathi said:

    You won't get your visa without it. My husband had to get one from a country he hadn't lived in for 15 years and they needed his fingerprints, as well, and he managed to get his. He knew someone who still lived that country who helped him out. My husband went to a local police department, where he lived at the time, they took his prints and they sent them to the proper authorities in the country in question. His friend was given permission to pick up the report and he sent it to hubby overnight. It took a little legwork, but it was totally doable.


    Hey thank you, it's relieving hearing of someone else who went through the same exact thing, lol. currently i've only emailed my local police record checking services whether I'd be allowed to register my fingerprints for that purpose.


    Not to mention after that, it needs to be translated ... so many things.  haha... 😁 unfortunately I found this detail shortly before NOA2 was received so this has to be done ASAP

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