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  1. @FilledesEtoiles I hope there is some good news for both of us soon!
  2. From the thread above there were 2 couples scheduled for interview recently. Both had interviews that were scheduled 4 months after their NOA2 date. I estimate our interview may be scheduled for Nov/Dec (not accounting for US/France holiday periods)? -- I'm hopeful! Thanks for everyone's help!
  3. Hi All -- Are there any updated timelines (May 2022 to current, the last 3 mos) for the K1 interview schedule out of Paris? Has anyone had success with their case moving from NVC to the embassy since Spring? It's been three month since we received the NOA2 and 1 month since NVC sent our application to the embassy -- Just wondering if anyone has had a positive outcome?
  4. @Sean -- I was following your reply about your experience with interview time at the Paris embassy. Can you please share when you received your NOA2 or when your application was sent to the embassy? or can you share your timeline?  It would be helpful for reference. Thanks again! :) 


    Hoping all went well with your case and your with your love one! Cheers!

  5. @FilledesEtoiles Thanks for sharing the FB group -- I've seen others mention this site. I wish you much luck in your journey! It took us 13 months to receive the NOA2. Our I-134f was filed on 5/6/2021 through the CA Service Center. There seemed to be a high volume of filers after March (the world was opening up from COVID.) If you can get an empathetic rep on the phone at USCIS, they may be able to provide you with an update on your case (ie. if there was a problem with the application, the last time there was movement with your case, an estimated wait time before approval, etc.). The reassurance I received provided some relief but not every rep will do so (you may need to call several times over the course of a few months before learning any significant info).
  6. @Boiler We are a third country case. It may be just as timely to await approval for a visitor visa his home country. However, it may come to that if we are denied expedition..
  7. Thank @Rocio0010. This is very helpful! The Paris embassy is backlogged and I believe that their K-1 interviews are being scheduled 6 mo away? I've been advised not to wait too long the surgery but we would prefer that my fiance is here in case of a complication. With the nature of the surgery, it's worth a try. I really appreciate your reply.
  8. @Mike E Thank you. This takes some of the pressure off!
  9. Hi again, Does anyone have experience with requesting an expedited K-1 visa? We're still waiting for our case to be processed at the embassy in Paris and I'd like to request an emergency exception for a pending (serious) surgery. If anyone can provide insight on the process and the outcome it will be immensely helpful. Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, Is anyone going through the French embassy in France for the K-1? We received confirmation from NVC that our application was sent to the embassy on 8/16/2022. We have a little more than a month before our I-797 notice expires. I contacted the embassy yesterday but was told that until our application is processed ("Ready") they can't provide an update. Any information on recent experience with the K-1 through Paris would be helpful. Thanks again!
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