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  1. Hi! Do you have any updates? I’m the same with my status being stuck at Interview Scheduled however mine’s only been a week since interview. But it’s still nerve wracking!
  2. Have you had any updates? Had our interview at Chicago as well yesterday and my online status is still at “Interview Was Scheduled” idk if this is common or something to be concerned about. We weren’t approved on the spot but IO said he will review and scan new documents. Interview went well (we believe lol) he didn’t ask much.
  3. Hey guys, got a question.. our interview was yesterday Feb 3 but we weren’t approved on the spot. Everything went well though, IO didn’t ask a lot of questions either. But I keep checking the status online and it is still on “Interview Was Scheduled” is this normal? Or has anybody had any experience like this? I’m getting a little worried that this might not be a good sign 😓 All he said before leaving is that he will review everything and scan more documents. Then gave us the paper saying it’s under review. Any response will help thank you!
  4. Congratulations as well! Great Christmas gift and start of new year! I am waiting as well for the mail but I asked EMMA for the date cause I can’t wait to find out haha!
  5. Got my interview scheduled already! PD: July 6 Interview date: Feb 3, 2022 Chicago FO
  6. Congrats!! Although we kinda have the same issue with the license, we moved a few months ago and my husband hasn’t changed the address on his ID (our old address was at his family’s house) then we moved to a different town but same state. We used new address for the application and have proofs for that. I saw you had interview at Chicago— that‘s where we’ll have ours too. I just wanna know how that question went and was the officer pressing your husband about it? Will be a concern too for us you think? Thank you!
  7. I’m just wondering.. We had submitted all the proof of bonafide marriage when we sent our package, would we still need to bring new updated ones (ex: bank statements, pay stubs) to the interview?
  8. Thank you I know I was surprised as well! Nope didn’t expedite. And yes PD 07/06, Chicago IL. So you think they will send it separately?
  9. Hi guys, another update on my case. On my Advance Parole it now says “Advance Parole Document Was Produced” but my EAD is still at “Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS” eventhough I applied for the combo card. Has this happened to anyone? And will I still get it as a combo card? Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks for this! I was thinking the same thing and get the vaccines in order and do the titer tests. But good to know I’ll wait for my interview schedule then!
  11. I received my I-693 deficiency notice today and I was wondering should I start working on my medical exam or wait for interview appointment? PD 07/06, Bio 08/30, Marriage based
  12. Congrats! Did you end up contacting uscis though? It’s also been 2+ weeks since I got my texts and have not received anything in the mail. Hope I get my biometrics letter soon!
  13. Thank you! 😁 I sent mine to Chicago lockbox then got IOE for my 3 numbers
  14. Thats good! Were you really expecting just 3 texts? I still haven’t received one text yet. I’m expecting 4 (i-130, i-485, i-131, and i-765) hopefully it comes through still!
  15. I don’t know the exact time for the charge but the transaction was posted and dated (for July 9) already when I woke up this morning. And the texts got in later in the morning as well. Just a few hours probably!
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