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  1. Marilia, bom dia! Quando vc receber o seu e-mail vc informa pra mim? Se eu receber o meu faco o mesmo

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    2. Mbfernandes


      Logo você receberá o seu também 🙏 Obrigada! Boa sorte!! 

    3. g a s

      g a s

      Recebi o e-mail 😭que felicidade

    4. Mbfernandes


      Aaaaaaah que alívio!! Graças a Deus!! 

  2. There's this immigration lawyer called Mr Morrison that charges about 5k usd for a mandamus (when I once asked). It works. His phone number: +1714 661-3446. He also replies to your doubts, no charge.
  3. I'm sorry 😔 Rarely sent on Wednesdays as well, so I was told in a K1 group chat on WhatsApp.
  4. Just fill their forms and mention your WAC. Usually there's a blank space to briefly comment what's the problem you're facing with a federal agency. Congratulations! Me too! So excited, the wait is almost over!
  5. In your NOA2 letter there is a date of expiration. If it's past that, you need to email your consulate asking for a renewal. Since it's been so long, you must contact the Ombudsman, it's someone who helps you when USCIS loses cases or delays it for longer than predicted. https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cis-ombudsman/forms/7001#no-back
  6. It's BS, keep calling uscis to ask about it and contact a senator or congressman about this. Mine took 36 days to arrive at the NVC. It's not ideal but it's not the worst.
  7. After the NOA2 you may receive an email from the NVC once your case arrives there. USCIS doesn't notify us when they send the case, but you can always call them asking for this info.
  8. Yes, email the consulate saying the wac, beneficiary and petitioner names + date of birth and describe your situation. Ask if the case is there.
  9. Sometimes this happens, but it's rare. You can send an email to the consulate asking if your case is there. It's also valid asking the NVC about your case as well, via their inquiry page.
  10. Yes, you're right. And that's amazing cause they don't observe elections as a national holiday. For a moment I freaked out
  11. Well guys, the next NVC shipment date is this Tuesday (8). But it's Elections Day for the Midterms, some states observe it as a federal holiday (Maryland, where the nvc is, included). I don't know if they'll really send the cases out to the consulates this Tuesday. Maybe they will, maybe it will be done on Wednesday only. If anyone is notified by them this week, please update us.
  12. In some cases the NVC simply doesn't contact the couple when the case arrives or leaves there. Email your embassy to make sure, maybe your case is already there?
  13. A friend of mine said they send emails on Wednesdays too. There's still hope 🙏
  14. I was wondering if our case would be sent today, but so far we haven't received any email. NOA2 August 24th / NVC received September 29th.
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