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  1. anyone waiting for interviews who were DQ'ed in June?
  2. Hi there, My husband and I got DQ'ed from NVC on July 8th...haven't really seen many interviews being scheduled at Bogota Consulate. (though I saw one recently scheduled on Sept 9th though they were DQ'ed after us). How many of you are waiting for interviews to be scheduled and when did you get DQ'ed Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know when an interview will be scheduled or what's the hold up on that? After having 3 RFE's and finally being DQ'ed for a month, I'm now super anxious in waiting for an interview to be scheduled. 

  4. Mor

    Hola....quisiera saber como va su caso, ya que nosotros tambien estamos esperando del USCIS que nos responda para Colombia.

    1. tbo


      hey there. what would you like to know!! feel free to private message with quesstions 

  5. right but i'm at the NVC step, USCIS already approved the documents.That's why i have a hard time understanding what the NVC wants. If anyone has specific information on which marriage certificate they submitted during this step that would be super helpful!
  6. I did! When I called, they said they didn't need it since his interview would be in colombia but i included it anyway to be complete
  7. and got their marriage certificate approved by the NVC, which marriage certificate is needed. THey've denied my white sheet (registro civil de matrimonio). Im not sure if its because i didnt upload the back though its literally blank or they're looking for pages from the pink book from the notary. The weird thing is USCIS approved this sheet yet NVC has denied it for the 2nd time stating pages are missing or its hard to read. I'm having a hard time figuring out what they want and of course when i call, no one has a straight answer. Please help me out!
  8. Good morning, guys. My name is Carlos and I have been doing this process for almost 6 months. my wife and I submitted all our documents, but the marriage certificate and birth certificate were declined by NVC saying this "Part of this document is missing or is difficult to read. Please replace this with a scan that shows the complete text of the document. Please ensure all sides of every page are scanned and visible. Please visit https://nvc.state.gov/scan for further guidance." We scaned properly and it was clear. We called NVC to request more details about their message, but they told us the same thing. Do you guys have any advise or if someone has gone through the same, can you guys help us? For marriage certificate has a lot of pages and I do not know how to become almos 6mg to 2mg that they ask in the NVC platform. Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: Complete copies of the page of the book where the marriage was registered (copia del folio). They are issued on plain white paper and certified by the notary public with an original signature over either a wet seal or a sticker.
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