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  1. Completed everything...was waiting to schedule an interview and Covid hit.  Now in complete limbo like everyone else. 

  2. I emailed that and still got what sounded like an auto response. Is it something I really shouldn't worry about? All I had left was an interview for her until Covid Closed it all last April.
  3. I got a response and it feels like it also automatic? I don't think I can do this all over again. Do I need to worry about this? All we needed was the stupid interview. 😡
  4. I called the US Embassy in the Philippines and the recommended I email the US Travel Docs support. I did thatlast night and they sent me an auto response saying they will reply to me in one to two days. Once I get an official response they wanted me to contact them again. The CEAC notice really just sounds like some kind of auto response that no one bothered to update to covid timelines or check.
  5. We were literally just waiting for an interview last april as well. And now I see mine saying it's expired. Who did you contact to discuss the message that it was Expired. The state dept is useless. I'm going to wait until the embassy opens up in Manila and give them a call. Who did you email to discuss this issue? thanks in advance
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