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  1. We uploaded his 2020 tax returns and I was not asked for any documents regarding income at the interview, just what he did for a living
  2. So, the guy who stamped mine only stamped it for 6 months, and it should have been a year. :( The stamp does act as a temporary Green Card, so hopefully I get mine before the 6 months are up
  3. I am now officially a LRP of the USA. I came early to the customs at the Calgary airport. 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to leave. I told the agent I was activating my IR1 visa, he asked me if I had the packet with me, I said I was told everything was electronic. He said oh yea, I forgot. He asked me for my passport, open to the Visa page, verified the address I will be living at and contact phone number. Gave me back my passport and said welcome to the USA. It took 5 min. I asked if I needed to go to secondary, he said nope he was able to activate the visa in primary. He didn't ask for my covid test, didn't ask for my cats vet certificate, or how much money I was bringing over, or any of my belongings. Whats really funny is this is the same guy who took a power trip on me last time through Calgary and I missed my flight...lol. Anyway, very smooth entry through Customs!
  4. Usually they ask for utd shots, and a medical clearance letter from your vet
  5. Yes i used mine that I had done on July 10th 2020. My interview was July 21 2021 and it was accepted,no problems
  6. Theres a number on the actual visa you need as well as the MTL case number
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