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  1. Hi! We had a joint sponsor when submitting to the NVC as my foreign income we did not list under total taxable income in the US (was working in Canada at the time). I then moved back to the US and got a job that more than covered what we needed to make, and had that on my most recent tax return. When my spouse went for the interview, he brought both my tax return and our joint sponsor's and by the time my spouse got to the interview window the CO informed us that he removed the joint sponsor as it was unnecessary to have him on. We didn't have to ask or anything
  2. Hi, My spouse and I went through Consular Processing and he was approved of an IR1 visa in September. We crossed the border on September 21st with his visa page in his passport, and he received his social security number through the mail about a week later. However, when looking on the website, USCIS states that he should have received a Welcome Notice in the mail and then a green card. I remember seeing that it takes up to 90 days or around that for the green card to arrive through different forums on here, just wasn't sure if we should have received a welcome notice other than the Welcome to the US letter he got back with his passport. Are we supposed to have received something in addition to the welcome letter that was sent with his passport post arriving here? And before they send the green card out? Just wanting to make sure we aren't crazy or anything
  3. Do they ask for unopened medical results when activating the IR1? Or do they just ask for the unopened visa package?
  4. No, it was just an envelope - when we get the visa package we definitely won’t touch that until crossing just wondering about the medical results
  5. Hi, We are planning to cross the US/Canada border into the US with my spouse's approved IR1 visa. Quick question - do we need to bring the unsealed medical records with us? They were sent electronically to the consulate, so we opened the records that were sent to us. Hoping that won't be an issue.
  6. wanted to give an update, we just got the email that my spouse's passport is being delivered! in terms of wait times post interview, monday morning (sept 13) (interview was at 8:15) his status changed to Issued: necessary administrative processing, and then yesterday around 5pm est it changed to issued; final processing, and now today it is being shipped! if this helps anyone on the tracking website it still shows Appointment as our current status lol but also shows the tracking number, so not sure how up to date that field is!
  7. Hi! I ended up downloading it from online and then opening it up in Adobe Acrobat and that worked for me
  8. Random question, but for those of you who have been recently approved at interviews, how long did you wait for the status online to be Issued: Visa is in its final processing? Ours is still under the Issued: Necessary administrative processing. Just wasn't sure how long it normally takes to change and then the passport to be sent out
  9. We went for an interview on Sept 13 and they accepted the police check that is within the last 2 years
  10. We had our interview this morning and got approved!! Officer said it was very straightforward, nice person! quick question - they stamped something at the end when they approved my spouse, is this the stamp that allows my spouse to work? Has anyone had their passport stamped at the interview themself?
  11. Hi, Do you know if we’re supposed to include traffic tickets in the DS-260? We originally checked no, but now wondering if we should bring them up at the interview. Two are for speeding, one is for not slowing down next to an emergency vehicle on the side of the road (we were driving through a province and didn’t know that was a rule). No ticket more than 100 dollars, and the beneficiary was not arrested for any of them. Thanks in advance!
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