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  1. So happy for you. Im just flying down to Colombia tomorrow to be with my fiancée for some months. Hopefully we can come home together in the next 6 months.
  2. Spent a little time this morning and have been spot checking that data against reports I see on the site. For instance I saw a K1 approved for Santiago Chile and checked it against my best guesses. It was within ~2 weeks fo the actual date. This will vary and outliers for expedites will obviously be way off this data. If you keep your time lines up to date or post here I can adjust the data to try and get the best guesses possible. Bogota should currently be processing K1 visas with NOA2 from 2020-08-16 at the embassy Here is another chart I put together. After this I'll post back here every time the monthly reports are published.
  3. Hello, I came across the visawhen website that was produced by another member here two weeks ago. This weekend I was bored and started poking at the project to get an idea of what was going on at the embassy. The visawhen combines some visas making it hard to see exactly what is happening. So I broke some of the data apart and wanted to share here. Here are the charts for K1, CR1, IR1, and B1/B2 visas and I'll follow it with what I think is going on along with methodology behind the data. It looks like IR1 visas should be pretty much caught up at this point unless we had a huge increase in filing of IR1s during the pandemic. At any rate IR1s look like priority number one and should be all caught up. I would expect the numbers for IR1 to drop in July and for CR1 to shoot up higher. I'm guessing once that backlog is handled they will move onto K1 visas. They haven't even started to put a dent in the K1 visas and I don't expect any real movement for about 2 months. This matches up with what I have seen on the forums here and in other places. I threw in B1/B2 just to show that although they did 5k it's still far behind pre pandemic level. This was computed by taking the trailing 6 month average on February 2020 which was the last full month of visa processing. This was so that the average wasn't dropped because of the half month of work done in March 2020. Going forward the average from February 2020 was applied to every month vs the number of visas that they actually processed for a given visa. Hopefully this data is good news to some people (mostly CR1/IR1 filers) and provides some data for others. If you have any other interesting data that you could get from these numbers let me know.
  4. Thanks! I know it's how they treat you but had never seen the specific law for it.
  5. The general advice you will find is to do the CR1 unless you can’t. It’s cheaper and much easier once you arrive in the US.
  6. About a year for the original poster. I'm sitting at 6 months since USCIS accepted mine and they only look to be moving slower now (I'm also waiting to go from NVC to the bogota embassy). About two months ago it looked like they were at least close to pre covid levels but now no one has heard anything. I assume you mean take to go from USCIS NOA2 to the embassy. If you mean how long before the NVC lets you know that they got your approved NOA2 you will have to call. The NVC hasn't let anyone know they got their accepted NOA2s that I know of.
  7. Embassy really stepped it up in june with 42 K1 approvals (55% of pre pandemic levels that were already low) and managing to not take 2 months to release the info to us unlike may.
  8. Do a CR1. The K1 is pretty much a joke at this point and should only be used if you absolute have no way to meet and get married.
  9. I would do it. Was visiting my fiance and was stuck for months because of covid. We wanted to go by the rules so we didn’t get married. Here we are almost a year later stuck with the embassy barely doing anything still. Best case we are looking at over two years from the time we started this process to when i can enter the US on a K1. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
  10. 24 K1s in may which was before the lab issue came up in June. But don’t worry they are opening back up fully for tourist visas now lol.
  11. es probable que no escuche nada durante aproximadamente un año. buena suerte.
  12. 2 months sounds great many many people have been stuck at the NVC for almost a year plus. I have been stuck at it for 5 months.
  13. huge thread about it. Take a look. The summary is things are moving but they are moving slow.
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