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  1. He answered all the questions correctly. I think it has more to do with his mother being in the U.S. He said they asked alot of questions about her. They might assume he wants to come here for her instead of getting married. Even though he hasn't seen her in 32 years, but he didn't mention that. They just asked the standard questions about our relationship. How we met. What I did for a living. When we plan on getting married. They didn't deny him. They said just mail in more proof of an established relationship and his passport. So I think we might still have a chance. We have more proof to send so we're working on that now.
  2. My fiance had his interview yesterday. He was NOT approved. They said we needed "proof of relationship". I guess the chat logs, pictures, western union receipts etc. weren't good enough.
  3. Hi again

    If you don't mind me asking, how much was the medical. Am hearing 800, 1000, 1550!! What is it?

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    2. NicoAndNelle


      Thanks for replying!!

    3. FindHerKeepHer


      consider in your costs that vaccines are scarce right now and you may have to pay for some if you are told you need. 


      i had to get tetanus and varicella...got the tetanus at the health clinic and had to pay for the varicella--- BUT wait until you medical before taking vaccines because some of them have to be taken on the same day. if not you have to wait 6 weeks before taking the other so do not jeopardize your journey :)

    4. daisybright


      @NicoAndNelle...good day to you. May I ask if you have been given an interview date. My CC July 13th...no date yet.

  4. Well maybe they still allow them in the waiting area. I don't know about that but yes only you would be doing the interview. In the packet 3 it says only if have some type of disability and need someone to assist you then you can bring someone with you to the embassy.
  5. No problem. You do know that only the beneficiary is allowed in the embassy for the interview right?
  6. You can go to the appointment website and once you see a date available just click on it. If the embassy gets your case soon you might be able to get an interview in July. Right now they have July 26, and 31 available.
  7. How sweet! You guys are so cute together!
  8. Lately most people are not getting their case number for 20+ days. Some closer to a month. Luckily I got mine in only 12 days.
  9. I was going to put the end of July as the intending date. The length of stay was under the travel section. But when I put that he was using a k1 the question was removed. Thank you for your reply!
  10. Does anybody know what I should put on the DS-160 where it says length of stay in the US? And do I just put any date for intended arrival?
  11. Normally it only takes a few days. Mine was in transit for two weeks also. Finally it changed to ready this morning.
  12. My status has been "In Transit" since 5/22 also. I know the embassy has to have received it by now. It only takes a few days to get there. I think they just didn't update it in their system.
  13. I got my case number a week ago and it said at NVC until last night. Now it says in transit.
  14. Great info! I will tell my fiance about that in case he has to get any vaccines.
  15. I just called NVC. I got my case number! The said they received it 2 days ago. So only took 12 days. That's pretty fast.