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  1. Shellimedz

    K1 november

    Probably around the end of May.
  2. I know what you mean, I think I saw spouse and decided to not select anything.
  3. I left it blank as well and it's been stressing me out ever since I realized it. The way it's worded is confusing. 😩 Has anyone left it blank without RFE??
  4. Shellimedz

    Question about Divorce Decree

    Mine doesn't have a signature, only a stamp. I've read around that it should be fine but only time will tell.
  5. Thank you so much for responding! There's not a ton of information on this embassy compared to many others. I'm relieved to hear this. I'll still do my due diligence but this helps a lot.
  6. Yes, I had two passport stamps, one from June 2018 and one one from October 2018 and the Expedia receipts from the purchases.
  7. I also use my credit cards for everything and the statements clearly show the American Airlines tickets going to Trinidad (actually says American Airlines to Miami toTrinidad on the statements) and the names and locations of some of the restaurants we ate at and the airbnb purchases with confirmation codes that match the confirmation numbers on the receips. Do you think they'll accept those? I wasn't worried until I kept reading that they don't even look at the proof a lot of the times. I'm guessing that's either because they already planned to deny the visa or they've gotten so much stuff with the original packet that they don't need it, is this correct?
  8. I'm curious as to whether USCIS or the consulate knows about trips that I took to my fiance's country during the period after sending the I-129F packet off. I've seen my fiance twice in person, I met him on vacation and then went back and spent 5 days with him prior to sending off the packet. I didn't send a lot of extra proof (front loading), I just sent what they asked for and about 5 or 6 pictures. I'm not a big picture person and I didn't make the trip with thoughts of sending off paperwork, so I didn't go out of my way to gather proof, keep receipts or boarding passes. I did have a future trip planned that I sent the Expedia and airbnb receipt for and I just decided to go back to spend Christmas and New Years, both for a little over a week. So at the interview, I'd have made at least 5 trips to his country (Trinidad) because I plan to be there for the interview. I'm just worried now, since I didn't send as much extra relationship evidence as so many others have, if it will be enough. Other than me telling them, will they have prior knowledge about all these extra visits? I met him in June and we got engaged in October, so it's short but I think it's reasonable. I keep reading that everything else can be photoshopped and altered but I know these trips cannot, I'm hoping they'll help.
  9. I think it would be fine as long as you can prove a legitimate relationship when the time comes for your fiance to go for the visa. Overall, the government's job is not to prove if your marriage is going to last or if it's a good idea, it's to prove it's legitimate. I think there is a level of understanding that things move faster in a situation where you're in love and living in two separate countries, you just want to be together and don't have the luxury of driving down the street. If you file in February, the time line alone shouldn't bar you from getting a k1 visa.... Other red flags may though.
  10. Shellimedz

    Need help with proof.

    I found this info below on another chat, something to think about. Make sure if you're sending chats that your beneficiary also knows what you sent. "On the other hand, if you just start loading up your petition with all of the evidence you've got then you're setting your fiancee up for a difficult interview. For example, if you include 100 pages of chat logs then you've given the consular officer LOTS of evidence the consular officer can use to grill your fiancee. Consular Officer: On February 14th of 2009 you thanked your fiance for the Valentines Day gift. What exactly was the gift, and what exactly did your fiance say in response? Would her memory be good enough to know exactly what you said on that day? The CO has the answer in front of him in black and white, so he'll know if her answer is correct. Frontloaded evidence should either help support your case or specifically address red flags, but it's crucial that your fiancee know in detail everything you've frontloaded. In many cases, a consular officer will ask a question not knowing the precise correct answer - they just want to know if the beneficiary has a credible answer. Almost any believable answer is better than "I don't know". In the case of frontloaded evidence, you've given the consular officer the correct answers, so your fiancee had better know them."
  11. Shellimedz

    Need help with proof.

    Well, I'm sure it doesn't hurt. I don't know how much it really helps to send them a bunch of stuff they didn't ask for either. Especially when you have a lot of little pieces in the package, I feel it might make it more likely for them to overlook some of the stuff they need. Pictures might not get mixed up too much but all those chat logs, idk.
  12. Shellimedz

    Need help with proof.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you need to send that kind of proof with the i-129f application. I think you just need proof of meeting in person, not necessarily proof of a relationship.