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  1. Hi! I'm 19 who came here through the petition of my dad when I was 17. We tried applying for my passport as soon as I got here, only to find out that my dad lost his naturalization certificate. We waited for a year to apply for another one and get his certificate. A month ago we finally received it and applied for my passport. Just received a letter this morning from the Department of State requesting for my parent's marriage certificate. The issue is, my mom and dad weren't married but I was acknowledged by my dad in my birth certificate. What do I do about this? Can anybody drop the number I should contact?
  2. Hi! I'm an 18 year old who entered the US last year before I turned 18 (17) through an IR2 and the sponsorship of my dad who was naturalized when I was 15. We were gonna apply for a passport immediately when I came here but my dad lost his certificate of naturalization so we had to wait for 6 months. I just want to ask if I'm still able to apply for a passport now that I'm 18?
  3. Hi! I'm a legal permanent resident looking to apply for a passport through the naturalization of my US citizen dad. We lost his naturalization certificate 8 months ago so we requested a new one and it just came in the mail 2 weeks ago. My requirements are all complete and we still have a copy of my dad's old naturalization certificate but the issue is his new certificate does not have his signature on it and he's currently on a vacation in the Philippines till next month and my appointment is next week. Would I still be able to apply for a passport even without his signature on the new certificate?
  4. I entered the US while I was 17 under an IR2 visa. I'm 18 now though so would I still qualify for the acquisition of citizenship through naturalized parents?
  5. Hi! I'm an 18f who was able to get here through an ir2, sponsored by my citizen through naturalization dad, last september 2020 while I was still a minor (17). From what I've read, I have automatic acquisition of citizenship because he naturalized while I was under 15 and I was able to get the permanent residence status while I was under 18 (17). We were going to apply for a passport before my 18th birthday but my dad unfortunately lost his original naturalization certificate. Fast forward 7 months later, the replacement certificate already came and I've set the appointment to apply already. My question is: does my dad still need to make an appearance during the application or not?
  6. Hi we're going to apply an n600 for my daughter who got here in the US through an IR-2 visa, qualifying for the derivative and automatic acquisition of the US citizenship. During the process of this can my daughter travel outside of the country to study there? Would she be able to come back with no hassle?
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