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  1. No other way than the consulate speeding their act up :(. But it is what it is and we have no control over it.
  2. I know, it's getting a little frustrating at this point now. Even after approval, NVC stage is at 2 months just to DQ... And the consulate in Mumbai India, is behind almost 10 months in CR1 and IR1 category. Don't know how much patience a person can have, been separated for this long. I am hoping your consulate isn't backed like mine and is much faster.
  3. I saw Nov. 21st approved on Sep. 14th. So, around the 25th it should be at today.
  4. They're behind by a lot. They're working on Nov. of 2020 (DQ'ed) for CR1 and IR1.
  5. Its looking like it's around Nov. 25 of 2020 right now... We will all get there I guess.
  6. At texas as well. PD Dec. 20 2020... Been actively reviewing since Jan..
  7. We will just have to be patient. I think checking this website every day is what is causing us to be not patient. It's kind of like telling kids to get off their phones. ;') Both NVC and USCIS processing times have gone up recently. Mines been "actively reviewing" since Jan. 12th. PD 12-21-20
  8. Processing centers and NVC both have slowed down in July. Something is definitely going on.
  9. Looks like Texas processing times went up today as well. Surprised to see it slow down.
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