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  1. Dear all , When I am married to a girl US citizen girl in US and after marriage the girl moved to Canada with me (I am asylum claimant in Canada ) can she still file I 130 and process the CR1 visa while she is not in US and what about if she file it in US and moved (for her job she works online ) thanks
  2. It is yes https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-j-chapter-3
  3. Where your petition gets routed to depends on what state the petitioner lives in and there are four possibilities Check it it used to be 30 day’s and then 60 and now 90 days
  4. Btw does anyone know Raleigh to which service center California Service Center 31 375 5 363 National Benefits Center 5 335 3 332 Nebraska Service Center 500 277 6 278 Potomac Service Center 202 221 5 216 Texas Service Center 452 203 5 199 Vermont Service Center
  5. I took my visa 7 years ago so when I applied I had no intend to do anything .anyway thanks for the advice .I prefer CR1 because I have work
  6. I’m asking here to know what is legal and what is not .I checked your timeline and it seams CR1 visa is best choice .your timeline cost in 2020 and contradict what I was told that processing time for CR1 May takes 18 month eve more
  7. https://myorlandoimmigrationlawyer.com/trump-administrations-new-90-day-marriage-rule-puts-green-card-applicants-at-risk
  8. Hello everyone is it true that the CR1 visa is taking now 18 month for the interview .this is what an immigration lawyer have told me
  9. It doesnot matter if it is a rule or not any marriage that is done within 90 days his AOS be denied as a lawyer
  10. Ok I thought it was legal as most people do it so CR1 is the solution .is it true it is taking 18 month to process
  11. If that is the case there would not be a 30 60 90 days rule for marriage
  12. Ok we will see when I be in US .what is the best choice was wondering about the process time of the AOS
  13. I read that a lot have done it and they need to wait 60 days from the entry it is called the 30 60 90 days rule. There is nothing illegal about it they even allow the spouse to work after 6 month
  14. Hello if someone have valid US tourism visa is it better to get married in US and apply for AOS and how much time goes it takes or to go back and apply for CR1 as I heard that now the CR1 takes around 18 month so AOS (I 485 if the spouse is US citizen )might be better thanks
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