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  1. I actually did the same thing and got married through Utah county online with my wife (who was in brazil) in May because it was the only way I could travel to Brazil with the travel restrictions. I lived in Utah and it was actually my local county and I was able to get the marriage certificate apostilled without any problems. We were able to register our marriage in Brazil without any problems either. We've been in Brazil since June and filed the I-130 in August so we're still waiting for the approval. I'll let you know what happens one way or the other.
  2. Ok thank you. I'm am still researching the process but would I be working through the consulates in the United States or in Sao Paulo (since i am living in brazil)? Would I use my united states address or where I am currently located? Thanks!
  3. My girlfriend is living in Brazil (now wife) and was planning on going to college in america. She started the K1 student visa process back in January. She had an interview scheduled in march but then the consulates closed due to covid 19. We decided to get married in June, and I and have been living in Brazil (on passport) ever since. Our plan has always been to have her interview when the consulates reopen and then both travel back to the United States. Recently we have been worried that they may not be sending out student visas due to the pandemic, and are wondering if us getting married will have any negative effect on the student visa. We have been researching married visa's (CR-1) and see that it typical takes 13 months (I'm assuming even longer now with pandemic). I am going to stay in Brazil as long as I'm allowed because I can't imagine returning to the U.S. without my wife. I am curious what your advice would be for this situation, thank you. Also my wife has had a R1 visa and lived in america for two years with it, does this expedite the process at all, or make it more likely for approval?
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