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  1. I have already got my IR1 so I wont have to remove any conditions. I will keep reading and see if USCIS actually has a requirement to update the Citizenship
  2. Has anyone applied or granted Canadian Citizenship after receiving Green Card ? If yes, do we have to inform USCIS about change in Citizenship?
  3. Late update: Border crossed: May 12 2021 SSN received: May 18 2021 Green card received: June 02 2021
  4. Got it! Thanks for all the help. Please excuse my knowledge on this but the rules are changing often so wanted to confirm, if we required to present COVID-19 test result at POE?
  5. Awesome! Good to know. Does POE atleast give us something that we have applied for SSN or no?
  6. Thank you. I was just hoping if I can only get the number at the time of POE, may be I can start opening bank account and other stuff. Anyways, I will just wait.
  7. Hello all, do we get SSN (just the number) at the time of POE ? or will it be only provided in SSN envelope ?
  8. Thank you! I was just not 100% sure going for after-market items so wondering if anyone had any trouble down the road. We know that insurance company would simply require a reason not to pass your claim...
  9. I see many people got after-market TPMS and successfully imported the car to USA. Has any one had any trouble later on for follow-up on any recall, or selling the car in USA ? In Ontario if you are selling the car, you would have to present the safety certificate. Does individual state has specific requirements ? and did any one had any issue with it ? Also, how did your insurer reacted it? Technically your car is not meeting the FMVSS, so are you still covered ?
  10. Police certificates expire after one year, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence (India in this case) and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-5-collect-financial-evidence-and-other-supporting-documents/step-7-collect-civil-documents.html
  11. Interviewed: March 17 2021 PP Received: March 23 2021 I got 2 Annotation on the stamp: "IV DOCS IN CCD" and "212(g)(2)(B)" I did some search about it and found that : if “IV Docs in CCD” is annotated in your immigrant visa, it means that your visa is a digitalized visa and you will only receive your passport from us" I think this is ok and I have no further action. About: 212(g)(2)(B), I found that is related to Vaccination but just wanted to make sure. Did anyone else had this Annotation ? Any specifics I have to do before I cross the border ?
  12. Hello, thank you for asking. It was a great experience overall. Starting with the stay: I stayed at Best Western - Hotel Europa, nothing to complain about it...$100 for a night with parking was not bad at all. My appointment was at 9:30 AM. I just went early in the morning to check the place and see if they would allow my little bag with files in it. The answer is NO. You can only bring file(s) which has documents. Went at 9:30 AM, usual process as others: Security screening and directed to go upstairs. As soon as I reached upstairs, I was directed to a window to give the passport. The officer was very friendly, officer opened a page where I had my B1/B2 stamped and put a Sticky note there. Sat down for 10-15 min. and called on another window, also amazing officer. Asked for current Canadian address and spouse's address in USA. Took my Birth, Marriage, Police certificates and PP Photo (which I got back after scanning). Provided my finger-prints and given with a pamphlet and I was told "we will call you in few minutes for interview". I sat down and started reading the pamphlet, before I finish reading it, I was called for the main interview...yes, that quick!! Very generic questions: - When and how I and my spouse met ? - What my spouse does ? - What my parents in-law do? - Where I will be living in USA? - Any history of issue at USA border? - When did you came to Canada ? - How often you and your spouse were seeing each other after wedding ? - Countries visited in last 5 years, other than USA/Canada.. Officer took couple of minutes to check something in the system and told me, "Your visa is approved, we are going to keep your passport and you will get it in 2-3 weeks with visa on it" Thats it, it took approx. 50 min for the whole process. Was I nervous before going there ? Yes, its one of the biggest day. But everyone was great and very understanding. I am very much thankful for all the support from the VJ Family. You made it very easy. Good luck to all!
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