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  1. Good luck! That was probably that walk-in biometrics that sped it up; it seems to me that N-400 interviews are scheduled about 1 month after the biometrics are done, so it kinda makes sense you getting an interview already. Best of luck
  2. Sharing my timeline: Late July filler, case transferred to NBC early January, and cased approved yesterday on the same day of the biometrics waiver. Best of luck everyone
  3. It looks like my case will be: 1. New card is being produced 2. Fingerprints were taken 3. Case has been approved Thanks for sharing it.
  4. As I posted this morning, I got a message of ""We ordered your new card" which in my mind it means approval, but tonight I got "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". The fingerprint message normally happens before the order message. Did you also get a delayed fingerprint message? If so, did you get an approval message after it? Please let me know. Best
  5. Sure. - GC copy - Affidavits - Costo card, drivers license with both addresses, car insurance, Car registration on both our names - Life insurance policies - Deed to property showing couple's names - Car loan document - Credit cards show couple's names - Taxes 2018 and 2019 - Baby birth certificate - Bank statements - Health Insurance couple and baby's - My529 college plan for the baby - Personal letter with photos of family over the past 3 years prior the submission
  6. I guess USCIS heard my whining messages. My 10 years GC just got approved. Timeline: Filled end of July, transferred to NBC early January, approved today. Like other people, I never got the alert on the biometrics re-use. Thanks, everyone for the help. I will be in here a few more days in case people have more questions. I will be filling for citizenship in July - when my window opens. Best
  7. congrats! im assuming the fingerprints waiver came on the same day as the approval so it overwrote the fingerprint message. either way, congrats again !
  8. Hold my beer: For me it has been 33 days since the transfer and no fingerprints taken (waiver) yet.
  9. I just saw on a fb group a July/2020 WAC filler having the ROC case approved on the same day that the fingerprint status changed. Same page as all of us - case initially on WAC and then transferred to NBC early January. USCIS is funny, isn't it?
  10. I saw on the USCIS case tracker app another batch of cases with fingerprints being re-used on Feb 4th, but my case is not in it yet . Also, many cases being approved from the July fillers.
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