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  1. Oh no . I wouldn’t put it that way ! This more of a grant position than an actual job position . I held this position prior to my gaining of my green card and I did pay State and Federal taxes !! I file my taxes every year ! My only concern is if I am supposed to pay FICA and Medicare taxes . I work/ study on a grant which is not the same as a regular job . Alright .
  2. I am in graduate school and I will still be here for at least the next 3 years . I recently received my green card through marriage . I did work (F1 on campus employment) and I still do work as research assistant at my school . As at now, my school does not know that I am now a green card holder. Is it important I inform the school about my new status ? If they know about my new status won’t that affect my paycheck (fica and medicare taxes ) . If I file taxes without paying Medicare and fica taxes would that decrease my refund ?
  3. Hi fellow ATLANTA filer , have you received any news ?
  4. What’s your timeline buddy ? I notice your field office is also in Atlanta
  5. Are they finally scheduling interviews for April filers ? Atlanta field office
  6. Hey , have you been scheduled for your interview already ? I’m also an Atlanta filer
  7. I wish the system was a bit transparent. It’s just like a big black box .
  8. That would be disheartening. Last I heard was two people with a pd in February 2018 got their interviews for a date in February. I was wondering if they are now in April of 2018 .
  9. Anyone here knows what month filers at the Atlanta field office are getting their interviews scheduled?
  10. I’m studying at GSU meaning I’m on an F1 visa. I travelled outside the US in November which should void my student visa. I still go to school anyway
  11. Well, it means I still have a long wait ahead of me. Let us know when you get yours scheduled
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