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    Oluwafemi and I first met via the AfroConnections website in December 2006. However, due to personal obligations in each of our lives, we ceased contact with each other but soon re-connected in April 2007. Our friendship quickly rekindled and we became good friends, conversing daily. As our internet relationship blossomed, we discovered we shared many of the same interests, and soon fell in love and decided we desired to marry each other.

    In May 2007, Oluwafemi proposed marriage to me, and sent via USPS my engagement ring. Since our marriage engagement, our interaction with one another has not ceased. We faithfully converse with each other daily via e-mail, webcam, text messaging, telephone calls or yahoo instant messenger. However, temporary financial problems prevented us from physically meeting each other. So we developed a plan of action to meet in person, that involved my accepting U.S. employment abroad in order to improve our financial conditions, and allow me to travel to Nigeria.

    On March 8, 2009, Oluwafemi and I physically set eyes on each other for the first time and knew without a doubt we were destined to be husband and wife. Our meeting was a joyous one, and we both knew the wait to physically see one another had not been in vain. I was warmly welcomed in Nigeria by Oluwafemi and a host of family and friends. Although the distance between Oluwafemi and I brings much sadness and loneliness, we both continue to work hard in maintaining our relationship.

    We both know that God brought us together and that we will wed as husband and wife in the U.S. God honors faith, and through our faith Oluwafemi will accompany me to Tulsa, Oklahoma as my fiancé and join me in meeting his new American family.
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