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  1. btw: 01/17/2023: Sent via FedEx Elgin Illinois office field 01/18/2023: Application delivered and signed by USCIS. 01/24/2023: Money order cashed Now what?
  2. Hi, my spouse and I had our immigration interview 2 years ago when I did AOS here in the USA, we both attended the interview and GC was approved on the spot. I have sent my ROC already and I've read that an interview is required, again?
  3. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention his 1099, my W2, also print outs from the usps delivery email service.
  4. So far we have: 1)Rent leases 2)Rent rcpts 3)Car insurance 4)Health insurance 5)Few photos 6)Joint bank account statements 7)Joint credit card statements 8)Electric and internet bills 9)Jointly taxes That's all for now.
  5. Oh gotcha, I adjusted status I-485 thru marriage and got a Conditional GC for two years. I got to remove conditions at the end of this year, and I truly don't wanna go to an interview again haha.
  6. I am very curious to ask you, it is my understanding that most of the Removal of conditions interviews are waived. What documents did you send to uscis when you file for removal of conditions?
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