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  1. Please add me to this private thread for Montreal consular processing. I was DQ'd on June 4th!
  2. Yeah I called 2 weeks ago. She said keep waiting because they were working on Feb 13 cases at that time. I am not sure what else to do other than keep checking the timeframes for my date to become available.
  3. Yup still waiting unfortunately. Submitted on Feb 20.
  4. I guess you are right! Lol but it’s been 12 weeks and it would just nice to be ready for the next step.
  5. I just checked mine it says submitted, so it should change to accepted once it’s DQed. What is your case category? I am wondering if that affects the DQ because my date of submission is Feb 20, 2020
  6. That is so strange. I remember issues like this when a family member had to mail documents. They would say something was missing when it wasn’t. I thought everything being electronic should be a smoother process. Still waiting to see! Goodluck!
  7. I called and they just said reduced staff. They are basically moving 1 day a week in the past 3 weeks. I submitted on Feb 20, 2020. Still no DQ yet. I don’t understand how they are processing for submission dates after.
  8. Hi All! I am waiting for DQ. I am seeing that some people around or even after my date are getting their DQ. I’m still F2A. My husbands oath ceremony got de-scheduled in March because of COVID and so I am still not a Immediate relative. Does the category affect the processing of the documents submitted to NVC? My PD: August 29 2019 NVC document submission: Feb 20, 2020 Also, I called about NVC regarding the reviewing time frame date only moving 2 days in the last 2 weeks and she said it was just because of reduced staff.
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