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  1. Yes you're quite right, what i said only apply to my specific category, which is LPR sponsoring spouse from VWP country.
  2. I researched about AOS and we know that you can only apply for it after I130 has been approved but we are not going that route as it seems sketchy, we've been long distance since 2014 and we want to do everything by the books and hope for a smooth process and make least amount of mistakes as possible. I don't want to gamble and waste anymore time, its not worth it.
  3. Questions for B visas are already been quashed, its obviously not worth it. And no I don't have any intention to take a short cut or play the system. It's just that we've been long distance since 2014 and its hard. Meanwhile I'm doing my postgrad online so I can study anywhere.
  4. My trip has been 77 days, 64 days hence makes up 141 days so far in 2020. I would like to visit again (currently reconsidering ) in mid December again til mid Feb but I think that might not look good :( and thanks i just looked up the rule, its basically saying I can only stay for 183 days without paying taxes right? So I guess that won't look good to Cbp officers...
  5. I was not aware that Im eligible to file AOS ? We have only filed I130 back in April, i thought only people that have a approved I130 are eligible to apply for AOS ? .....Im trying to do everything right and by the law. If youre right about the the dates, I might have to rebook my flight for my December visit
  6. My understanding of this is if I reenter on 13th December 2020 and stay until Feb 17th 2021, they would check my travel dates up to 13th December 2019 ? Which was 141 days in total ( Jan 29th 2020-April 14th 2020 & Aug 4th - Oct 6th 2020 ) ....or they'll count from Feb 17th 2020 to Feb 17th 2021 ? So confused ....
  7. It's pretty scary to hear that people actually stretch out their ESTA allowance and then ended up overstay! I almost did during my first visit this year back in March due to COVID flight cancellations but thankfully didnt in the end after spending hours of phoning up airlines trying to rebook my return flight, but i imagine if i did overstay due to COVID it might cause complications later on. I plan to visit my husband again from mid Dec to mid Feb for 2 months. My prior visitations in 2020 are 29/01-14/04 & 04/08-06/10 which total up to 141 days. Do you think my next visit will be problematic ?
  8. Yeah I agree, it's not worth it for that extra few months, shorter visit is better than no visit allowed at all and it might even jeopardise our ongoing application so yeah i will just settle for shorter visit.
  9. Oh WOW really....Damn....That sounds risky, I guess I'll stick with ESTA for now then....Thank you!
  10. Hi guys, I want to ask if I'm eligible ( BRITISH SPOUSE) to apply for B1/B2 visitors visa to see my LPR husband instead of using ESTA? I know this is not conventional but im curious because B1/B2 allow for longer visit ... Thank you!
  11. I see, let's say if (Fingers crossed) he does successfully get his citizenship in Jan 2021, and then we upgrade the petition, how long are we looking at for CR1 to be processed? Still 1-2 years ?
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have a rough idea what's the processing time like for I130 and N400 ? My husband filed both in April 2020, with this pandemic we know there will be delays but just want to get a rough idea of where we are at. He filed for both online, for his N400, it states theres a wait time of 2 months, and estimated completion date is Jan 2021, but how accurate is it ? He still hasnt been notified to book for his biometrics either... For I130 it says the petition has been accepted and it is under review. Not sure what that really mean either, ahh waiting is so frustrating.
  13. Regional Carrier Liaison Groups (RCLG) have been created by CBP to assist carriers with questions regarding U.S. entry related matters, with a primary focus on assisting overseas carriers to determine the authenticity of travel documents. The RCLG will respond to carrier inquiries concerning the validity of travel documents presented or admissibility of travelers. Once a determination is made on validity of documents or admissibility, the RCLG will make a RECOMMENDATION whether to board the passenger or to deny boarding. The final decision to board or not board lies with the carrier.
  14. Update: Hey guys today I just completed the first leg of my journey on ESTA : London Heathrow - JFK , whole process was so smooth, check in was easy, I didn’t check in online, went to the Delta desk and told them I was visiting my LPR husband on ESTA, I showed them the marriage certificate, his green card and passport copies, then they called someone at homeland security to confirm if it’s okay for me to fly, which was a yes. Flight was very empty, about 15 passengers altogether I think. Got to JFK, right off the airplane there were crew there to take everyone’s temperature then headed off to custom & immigration, got asked some basic questions such as what’s the purpose of my visit, how long is my visit and few questions about my husband and how we met and how long we were married; then he took me to someone to get stamped cos I was travelling from a travel ban country and on esta, and then I was free to go. im currently waiting for my connecting flight as I’m writing this, im genuinely surprised how smooth everything went and how helpful all the staff were. Long story short, if you’re exempt from the travel ban as the proclamation states, you can travel with esta, cos I I just did and it wasn’t troublesome, I was so worried beforehand so now I’m extremely relieved ☺️
  15. Really! I’m glad to hear at least some of us had a smooth experience. May I ask how long was your stay? Thanks!
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