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  1. NVC will request you to submit all documents if you file for expedited before, I recommend you pay all fees and upload all documents and then request for expedited that way they have everything on hand and there is no delays after. That’s how I did it 🙂
  2. What Paul & Mary said, you would have to request for expedited at NVC again. I requested for expedite while being at NVC
  3. thank you, my husband had his interview on 4/7/2020 and everything went well, he entered the country on 4/8/2020
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!
  5. The only email I have is for the NVC and they state that since my case was sent to the embassy they don’t have any more information to provide me with
  6. Have you been contact for the interview? If so did they call you or via email? I also requested for expedite for my husband and was approved
  7. Hello! just wanted to update anyone with a expedite request approved......my husbands expedite was approved on 3/17/2020 the day before the embassy closed, I thought we wouldn’t hear anything from the consult until the reopened but today I received a call to schedule our interview! They have appointments as soon as the first week of April. The agent stated that expedites are being worked on during the shut down as they are considered emergency cases!
  8. Our daughter will be having heart surgery. So I went ahead and submitted her NICU stay and all the doctor visits. What email did you send the expedite to? You should of at least received a acknowledgement email since your submitted before me
  9. My expedite was approved by the embassy and yes I am aware I have to wait, thank you
  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. My husbands expedite was approved on 3/17/2020 but now since the embassy is closed I have no idea when we will get the call Congrats to you and your family!
  11. Hello, I submitted for expedite on 2/27/2020 and was approved via email on 3/17/2020. Now I am awaiting a call to set up the interview
  12. I understand that the Embassy is closed for routine visa processing, but does anyone know if that includes the visas that where approved for expedite? since it is considered a emergency.
  13. My expedite was approved & sent to the embassy on 3/17/2020. Does anyone have a idea about how long does it take for embassy to contact me for the interview?
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