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  1. There was a former president who s been asked if he smoked weed before. He said , I inhale once . So he was honest and he wasn’t suspended from your whatever program of yours. And he s been elected for 8 years. And the medical program I’m in is sinsemilla.
  2. I was reading about mumps. What I learned is they re contagious. And don’t be too close to close ones in the first week .and all doctors agree that they go away within two weeks as long as you get good rest .drink lots of fluid and if you have a fever or a headache contact your doctor what kind of pills are good for you. Hope you have a good immune system so that your body can fight it out very quick.
  3. It’s not about been honest .You gave the wrong answer when you said yes.your answer should be .NO I don’t smoke weed since you haven’t smoked for a long time or you quit . The question was about the present time . But if the question was:( have you smoked weed before ?)Then You have to choose between two answer or just be honest.anyway. They will know if you smoke weed or not when it comes to your blood test or your urine.
  4. Uscis will provide you with a tracking number to track your green card to which address its going to. Also you can contact the post office concerning your ssn and make sure that they have the right address .
  5. I don’t know how I’m gonna react if my neighbor try to intimidate me or uttering me. Call the police or surrender.your neighbor wasn’t crazy.. was wise enough to call the police for his safety. Your husband make a big mistake. You have to accept the reality. If your case made to the US embassy. And hope for the best. There s another background check . You have a serious situation. You gonna need a good lawyer. That’s the answer you should be answered.
  6. I believe what liz66 believes that Casablanca denied his visa because his brother applied for him on 2009 and CO believes that his brother wants him in USA more than her.if the case already sent back to uscis. It’s gonna gather dust and die there.go with second option and get married . Send in I 130. You re not the first. Lots got denied and got married and are together now.
  7. Sorry to hear about that. People got denied entry to the us with a valid tourist visa, we read that a lot.when your visa is issued. Only immigration officer can let you in or send you back. . No need to argue .sit tight until you board your flight.
  8. It you have an uscis online account .Click on your profile when you log in .there you can find your account number that’s where I find it when I needed it for my form.
  9. How about if that women has a story to tell too. Unfortunately nobody will know . During the separation or the divorce.women like to move on faster . She might be seeing with different guys , looking for a partner or a relationship . Do we have a right to judge a person from one side content..uscis will take action if all evidence are convincible.
  10. May be she s homesick. As she has no friends here .ask her to take a vacation and go for a trip to vistit her family and friends back home.this might help her a lot since she s been here for 4 years ..that might help.unless you really want a divorce as she doesn’t want to.
  11. Many like you still sailing in their own boat wondering when exactly the right time to shore for a passport pick up. No worries. Already approved .it s just a matter of time. Processing time is part of the journey. Congratulations.hope you get issued sooner.
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