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  1. My husband just crossed at the Champlain crossing! Said it took 10 minutes, and was super easy.
  2. Last month, we go ours at 6:30 am EST. But they have gone out at later times too. Hopefully theyll go out today
  3. Yeah as happy as I am that our visa was issued today, its pretty messed up in my opinion that we didn't have to wait at all and there are other people who have been waiting months. I hope they start to clear that backlog too, i check the 5535 forum every day in hopes people are getting good news. I wish there was something I could do to help.
  4. Thanks, definitely check back today (I'm sure youve been doing that anyways and no need to tell you..) I have been obsessing over how long it takes, and although I am sure you are super worried and the majority of cases are within a day, I have read about a few that took between 1-3 weeks. And they were issued after that, no problem. So stay optimistic. It is frustrating though, I know your interview was delayed too. I wish they were more systematic about it.
  5. OMG OUR VISA IS BEING ISSUED!!!!!!! Im crying this process has been a nightmare and its finally over. @ifh was yours issued today? i hope so
  6. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV
  7. Does anyone know what this means? It says Issued which is obviously good, but below it says we are undergoing AP which can take several weeks. Is that standard? The officer at the interview today wasn't able to tell us we were approved, so I am just highly concerned about AP (but she did say 2-4 weeks for the visa). Thanks for your help!
  8. I don't think so, it was just my husband there, I wasn't able to go with him to the interview
  9. We just finished, we aren't sure it was approved or not. The reason is because of our finances, they were giving us a hard time about them- we have lot of savings but because I was a PhD student at the time, my fellowship was not taxable income which confused the officer. My husband politely explained this to the officer. They wanted us to resubmit the joint sponsorship form and put us back into AP, even though it wasn't necessary for complex reasons about taxes that I wont explain here lol. I think my husband was able to persuade her otherwise, at the end he asked if it was approved and she wouldn't say, but she did say he would get the passport back in 2-4 weeks, so I think good sign? Wish we left having more clarity, but at least she didn't mention the dreaded 5535. I know this has been asked before, but how long does it take for the visa application to change status from "ready"?
  10. My husband is there now, fingers crossed it goes well for us all today. Congrats to @ME_RHEDZ77
  11. I would prefer not to share only because *I* am incredibly open and would be happy to tell you buuut my husband is the one actually going and he is extremelyyyy private 🤣 . Is yours that day too??
  12. Is there anyone here who was approved for a visa after their interview who is originally from a MENA country and was NOT handed ds5535? My husband and I are trying to remain optimistic for the interview next week, but we are terrified we will recieve this because of his ethnicity. Looking for some optimism if anyone can share.
  13. awesome, let us know how it goes!! Ours is the 12th. So happy they havent been canceled.
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