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  1. Can you share with us how your fiancée wears able to get an emergency interview? I’m trying to get one too and as yet have had little luck getting the paperwork to be sent out from the NVC.... Was her paperwork at the consulate already?
  2. Email from ustraveldocs/consulate, or the NVC? When I have spoken to the NBC they say it’s up to the Consulate to contact them... then you contact the consulate and they say the NVC needs to request it of the Consulate... mind you mine is K1, vs the cr1... and I’m sure that makes a difference.
  3. That would be very much a personal choice. And it will depend on where you are and what your finance(e) is able to and willing to do. You are 4 months in now based on your timeline... you’d need to arrange your fiance(e) to come to you and get married, withdraw your I129f application, and start fresh with the CR-1 application. I can’t imagine a world where that would be logical...I’d be waiting and seeing what’s next personally... I’ve thought about discussing it with my Fiancée but I can’t fathom going back to square 1... and then likely having to explain it later on. Just my personal uneducated opinion
  4. Yeah, I called that number yesterday and the lady was very helpful. She said they hadn’t received my emails from the week before...so stepped me through how to word the subject line to ensure that I got a response... My ‘frustration’ is that our petition was approved so quickly (85 days) and now it’s just going to sit... like I am... my ‘employment’ is with Spartan Race Australia (sub contract) so we won’t be going back to work till mass sporting events are allowed back,....and let’s be honest that’ll be around the same time NORMAL international travel is allowed.... I’m thankful I get job keeper due to my ABN...I have finished up my studies... so I’m now literally doing not a whole lot, getting paid to not do a whole lot....and I could be done and over there and supporting my Fiancée with her girls while it’s summer break and she will be heading back to work in the near future.... I know it’s not an emergency need... but it’s one of those things where you sit and say,.... I’m ready to move... I have all my ducks in a row... and I’m just waiting for the paperwork... that’s literally the only thing holding it up.. I could get my medical done tomorrow....at no notice.... just ready and done with waiting... lol.
  5. Yeah, ok. Must have been someone else... I’ve tried the support-Australia email and they tell me they haven’t received the paperwork...even though I asked them to request it from the NVC...I tried the nvcexpedite email and they told me that K-1 petitions are already expedited.... I’ve sent one to asknvc yesterday after the reply from the support-Australia email.... so we will see.... I suspect that mine will sit there till Sydney decided to open.... which really....I mean it should be open by now..... almost everything is back to the new normal now.......
  6. Soooooooo good!!! It always makes. Huge difference when the Officer is friendly. Congrats on this chapter closing...and your next chapter starting!!! Fingers crossed we’ll be following in footsteps behind you!!! Just gotta get my paperwork OUT of the NVC!! Do I remember you saying you had to request it to be sent out for an emergency interview or was that someone else? If it was you, would you mind reminding me who you’re emailed to get it sent? Cheers.
  7. I didn’t think Australians needed to apply for a tourist visa?? We are part of the Visa Waiver Program ETA/ESTA... just can’t travel with the crisis at this time.
  8. I’m actually going to hazard a guess that the 2 emails are likely separate events.... @KandR18 emailed the support email and they emailed their husband.... I suspect it may have been co-incidental. I mean it may not have been... but just taking a guess. 😊 you’ll need to email that address with your case number and your reason for requesting them to request the paperwork out of the NVC. Each case will be different.... fiance(e)’s parent gravely ill, supporting your fiance(e) with dependent minding, pending job, etc. It’ll be something like: Name: Date of birth: Case Number: Request: I’m writing to you to request that the above mentioned case be requested from the NVC and forwarded to the Sydney Consulate due to the following reasons. (Lay out your reasoning here). You should get an auto reply with a we have received your case (which I didn’t the first 2 times I emailed evidently as the lady from the 1300 number told me) with an email case reference. USTravel Docs then forwards that to the consulate and once they reply they will update the ‘email case’ with their response. I was on the phone with her when I forwarded the email chain I sent last week which evidently didn’t get received and she confirmed over the phone that she had received it while I was talking to her. Good luck!! 😊
  9. NVC Expedite is for Spouse cases from what I can tell. The support-australia one you can email too but it goes to the USTravelDocs department and they forward it to the consulate and wait to hear back from them before replying to you. That being said you need to be able to provide evidence of an urgent need for an interview. They will still need to send the paperwork from NVC to the consulate which can take time....usually only family medical emergencies and severe compassionate reasons are valid - but who knows... sometimes I think it depends on who you get and what they think about your case.
  10. I emailed the nvcexpedite email address and got a generic response if that counts?? 🤣 I think because mine is a K-1 they thought I was asking them to expedite it. I was just asking them to send it out to the consulate.... but I got the ‘K-1 visas are already expedited’ response. Sadly I think all we can do is wait.... we will never get any hint of openings till they are really ready to make an official statement. I’m just disappointed that Australia is so far ahead of everything now and people are back to work and we’re able to have larger groups in buildings now but we still don’t really have a ‘path forward’ yet. Who knows... maybe we will be pleasantly surprised this week... or month.... hoping!!!
  11. That’s so great!! Praying that the next chapter of the journey is less troublesome!!!
  12. That is the email I sent it to and the email that the NVC says to email. I emailed them last Saturday and have not yet received a reply yet. I have sent a follow up email today.
  13. I submitted a request to the Sydney Consulate over the weekend and am hoping and praying that they are able to request the file from the NVC and send it out with all your paperwork too.... Mine is a K-1 approved petition at the NVC just waiting to get sent out. I have everything else ready to go. 🙏
  14. There's been some lengthy discussion in this thread about it -> There's a lot of pages, however most of the discussion about getting the travel exemption has been in the last 5-7 pages from memory....
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