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  1. My Green Card arrived today in the mail!! 8 days after interview/approval!! Hooray!!! 21 months to go before we roll the reel again!!
  2. Thankfully we had no issues at all. It just seemed to be a checkbox thing they needed to do. I got to 6pm and assumed that it was going to be tomorrow at least before it was ‘reviewed’…. Then at 6:24pm I got the update!!! NEW CARD BEING PRODUCED!! yay!!
  3. Ugh... more waiting. Had the interview this morning... Was told at the end by the officer that he expects that the case will be approved but that the paperwork just needs to be 'reviewed' this afternoon or tomorrow. Told me about how there would be an approval letter in the mail first then the card itself, because we were married for less than 2 years that it'll be a conditional green card and need to file to remove conditions before that expires, but that he had to give me the paperwork to show that I had presented and that it needed 'review'.... that we should expect to hear in the next day or so regardless. Kept a bunch of papers to add to the file.... handed back the passports and the Driver's Licences, etc and thanked us for coming in. All very conversational. Even saw him smiling through the mask.... Have I told you how much I'm ready to not be waiting anymore?!?!?!
  4. My AOS status updated today to case scheduled for interview!! Don't have the date of course, as the mail hasn't arrived, but hoping it doesn't clash with a previously booked vacation out of town!! lol....that'd be the luck! Filed September 22nd, 2020, I944 RFE sometime in Dec from memory Case ready to be scheduled in February (assuming transferred to the DC field office at this point) EAD approved April 29th Case Scheduled for interview June 30th. I'm guessing the interview will be in the next 4 weeks sometime.... but I'll see next week when the mail arrives!!
  5. As mentioned above status changed to "Approved" on the AP application as well..... then New Card was mailed to me on Tuesday. No Tracking number in that update.... I contacted 'Ask Emma' on Thursday and was told that it had not been mailed yet (even though the status said it had been) and that they tracking number would be applied to the update once it had actually been mailed..... seemed strange to have a status of mailed when it hasn't been mailed. Anyway, seems that I have 2 documents in the mail today according to my 'informed delivery' daily update..... both dates 4/30 - so I suspect these are the approval notices. Hopefully card arrives next week. I have someone who has been ready to hire for months now......which is a blessing or sure!!
  6. FINALLY got an EAD update. New Card being produced! Still averaging about a week from that update to arrival these days? A little longer? Have most people experienced that when JUST the EAD case status updates to new card and the Advance Parole doesn't change still from 'case received' that they get the combo card even if the AP status doesn't change? Or is this likely to be just the EAD?
  7. UGH..... Washington DC office is moving at a snail pace!!!! I just want me EAD at least...170 days and still counting.... it’s like they don’t want us to pay them taxes or something....
  8. Mine was updated today from Fingerprints taken (taken Wednesday 2/17) to 'Ready to be scheduled for Interview'. The waiting continues.
  9. Biometrics done yesterday. USCIS case updated online to show 'fingerprints were taken' for both I485 and I765. It's been sitting on 'Received response to request for evidence' on I485 since Dec 17, 2021 and 'case received' for I765 since September 22nd, 2021. The waiting continues.
  10. Received biometrics appointment letter today. I guess this isn't a 'your case is scheduled for an interview' status update (I'm still under RFE received). Is it normal that the biometrics appointment is for BOTH the I485 AOS AND the I765 EAD? I assume it is, as it makes sense...however I've only been through the EAD process before a number of years ago on a different visa. I'm super glad to have finally seen this. Packet sent originally 9/21 Packet Received 9/22 RFE 12/8 RFE mailed back 12/9 Signed for 12/10 RFE 'received' at USCIS 12/17 Biometrics Notice date 01/23 Letter received 1/29 Appointment 2/17
  11. I received the RFE for mine yesterday. I filed September 21st and they received it September 22nd. The RFE was for the I944 which I did NOT include. However I had it basically filled out and all the evidence ready anyway. I just had to update a few things on it and print latest bank statements and credit report and pack it all in an envelope. Hopefully I crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's..... it's en route to the NBC.
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