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  1. Yes, I emailed them, but got the same we don't know when we'll resume response
  2. I called NVC yesterday to inquire about the status of the case seeing as how USEMB BKK claimed it was now operating at full capacity. I got told they're still not accepting new petitions.... Frustration does not begin to describe this process.
  3. Finally! Been stuck at NVC since 1 April... Hopefully they get rolling quickly!๐Ÿ‘
  4. Can you share the location of the stats
  5. Mine has been at NVC since April. This whole thing is a mess.
  6. kappy66

    Embassy Reopening?

    I've been stuck at NVC since April.. Thailand is surprisingly relatively unaffected by the virus, yet the embassy remains closed.... This whole thing is ludicrous imo..
  7. Mid '21 if I had to guess. Between restrictions and the subsequent backlogs, it's going to take awhile. On a positive note (sarcasm), F, M, and J Visa applications are beginning to be processed in Thailand... Glad students take precedent over fiance's and spouses ๐Ÿ™„
  8. In packet 3, the third thing it says to mail in is: CONFIRMATION PAGE PRINTOUT OF GLOBAL SUPPORT STRATEGY (GSS) REGISTRATION: Each applicant must create his/her own profile and register his/her mailing address with the GSS system at www.ustraveldocs.com/th. Please print out your GSS Confirmation Page showing UID Barcode. Please note that your interview will be cancelled and rescheduled if you do not have a completed GSS delivery address registration. How exactly do i aquire this? I registered and updated the address, where's the confirmation? Do I need to pay the Visa few before I receive the confirmation and barcode?
  9. It's literally only us? Lol. I called them the other day. They told me to enjoy wanting another 55 days until they can submit an inquiry as we are still within "normal processing times". I explained that they're processing November petitions. This is the most irritating governmental process I've encountered and I've worked for them for over 15 years.
  10. I'm in the same boat. It is extremely frustrating. A couple weeks difference in noa1's is acceptable but a month or more after is not right in my humble opinion. Good luck to you!
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