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    My husband and I have been married since March 2018 and have embarked on this extremely long (and tedious) immigration journey ever since! We have experienced many ups and downs throughout this entire process, but we're finally close to the finish line! Here's some background on our journey thus far:

    I filed the I-130 for my husband (who resides in Canada) in May 2018 and was sent along to be processed at the Texas Service Center. We did not get any RFEs. Our petition was approved in January 2019 and sent over to NVC. NVC received our case in March 2019, but had found something incorrect with the file so sent it back to the USCIS for further review. Unfortunately, there was a clerical error from USCIS that caused a huge delay in our case (we were just the unfortunate 1% that this happened to). USCIS took 6 months to review and fix the clerical error and sent it back to NVC on September 2019. NVC received the case and sent us our case number (finally) in November 2019.

    My husband and I collected all our documents, paid fees, and submitted everything over to NVC by December 2019. We were DQ'ed on February 2020 and now await his interview date in Montreal, Canada.

    It's been a long, tiring, and emotional journey these past few years, but it'll all be worth it at the end when we're finally living our lives together! :)

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  1. Hi VJ Fam! It's been awhile since I've posted, but had a question that's been on my mind and figured this might be the best group to bring this in front of! My husband has his GC and has been living with me in the US since March. He had applied for his Canadian Citizenship back in 2019 and the process is now finally moving along. He did complete his online citizenship interview outside Canada, but has to complete an interview/oath in Canada. I did hear that intent to live in Canada is no longer a requirement to gain Canadian citizenship. Has anyone here gone through this similar process or know if any issues can come up while getting his Canadian citizenship? Hubby worked hard to get his Canadian PR and apply for Canadian citizenship - I'd definitely want him to still get his citizenship even though he has a GC now. Thanks for the help! ❤️
  2. My husband and I went through this as well. Can’t believe they still make such ridiculous “human errors” in this process. You can contact them and ask. My husband and I didn’t know what was happening with his case either and it was at refused for about 2 months. Of course this was all caused due to mistake they made which we had to email/fight before my husband’s visa was issued. It is likely that your case is in admin processing, additional checks, etc. Stay hopeful and email them to get an update!
  3. That’s normal! They are likely just finishing up some things on their end. It also hasn’t been that long after your interview, so no need to worry. You should see Issued - admin processing note next!
  4. Wow! Glad you got an apology out of them. That’s RARE. So happy for you that this journey/battle is finally over for you. Best wishes to you!
  5. Yes, please check the FAQ for the CEAC status changes you will see post-interview!
  6. My husband lived in Ontario as well. He was in Issued - final processing on CEAC on a Thursday. He received his tracking number via email on Friday and passport was in hand by Purolator on Monday - so it was all fairly quick once you see that status update on CEAC! As always, don't make any confirmed travel plans until passport/visa is in hand! Good luck!
  7. Hi VJ Fam! Quick update for you guys. My husband has received both his SSN and GC and we have now officially (and successfully) completed our VisaJourney. We've continued to face some very unique challenges this entire process (all updated on my timeline) and are so happy to finally be done. ❤️ Timeline: POE: March 11, 2021 SSN Received: March 18, 2021 GC Received: March 25, 2021 USCIS did a great job of updating us on the GC production/tracking. For those of you still waiting, the status changes will look like this: 1. Fees Received/Paid 2. Card is Being Produced 3. Card Was Mailed to Me 4. Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service (this is where they also provide you with the USPS tracking) Good luck to everyone else still on this journey and feel free to DM me if you ever have any Qs! Cheers!
  8. It doesn’t have anything to do with vaccinations (we initially had that confusion too). Husband’s passport said the same and no issues/questions were asked. I think the entire thing just means the package was sent electronically!
  9. Hi! Does anyone have an idea on how long until the GC is mailed once the status changes to "Card is being Produced"? I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in our FAQ, so figured I'd pose the question here! Thank you! Update: just checked my status and it said it was mailed! All set!
  10. I FEEL THIS 1000% I literally cried my eyes out when my husband received his passport/visa and then again when he actually arrived. Only took 3 years for us, but the feeling of being DONE is simply out of this world!
  11. Nope. Don't worry about it. READY is just an internal note they have (the words in the box are irrelevant). My husband's status went from Refused --> Ready --> Issued (AP) --> Issued (Final)
  12. For folks already in the US, how long did it take to receive your GC (specifically service center - Texas)? I’ve heard they are sending them out quite fast! It also took me awhile to figure out how to track the GC status, but I finally got it! I entered my immigrant visa fee payment receipt number and that worked! Status still says “fees paid”. Also, called SSN and they said husband’s card was issued and we should receive it in next few days. 🙏🏼
  13. You can upload your new documents directly to CEAC and hit "Submit Documents". Many folks on here, including myself, have done this pre-interview. Montreal has access to CEAC and can see your documents/files directly on there. They actually like when people are prepared and submit documents directly in the CEAC portal for them to review. Even if you do upload it to CEAC, I would still bring it to your interview.
  14. It’s not officially refused. You have the AP note underneath it. Your case is still in AP. Ours went to an actual refusal without the AP note underneath. They later sent us a letter explaining the refusal (which was erroneous). After a long chain of emails back and forth, they fixed their mistake and issued my husband his visa. Don’t worry! They just have you in admin processing. The date changing is a good thing, means someone is looking at your case. My husband’s case wasn’t even touched for 2 months post-interview. Stay positive! DM me if you need more info!
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