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  1. Hello everyone, do you guys know what will happen with us waiting for an interview? My embassy is not posting anything about this ban or whatever, im wondering if ill need new police certificate and pictures maybe some other things as well.. any information is good, cause i havent gotten any news since being dq’d on march 3rd.. ❤️
  2. Yeah, well i wasnt very interested in traveling at this time with 18 month old anyway.. Be safe everyone 🤗
  3. Thanks yeah im sure ill hear from them shortly, as i doubt embassy in sarajevo is that busy.. i did try to find other timelines for my country but i didnt find any recent updates. my dq was 3/3 so ill give it some time i guess
  4. Whaaaat? that is insane.. thanks for the reply anyways, but i sure hope it doesnt take that long ☹️
  5. Hello everyone 🤗🤗 i have a quick question how long does it take to receive interview letter after getting dq’d ? 🙂🙂
  6. Yes i know.. waiting is the worst, sometimes i felt like im losing my mind.. constantly checking ceac and email.. now again waiting for the interview to be scheduled hope that doesnt take too long.. good luck to you, hope you hear from them soon
  7. Thank you! Bosnia im sure you’ll hear from them soon 🥰🥰
  8. Finally!! We got DQ’d first submission November 14 second submission December 31 ....we are so excited... Good luck to everyone!! 🥰🥰
  9. That sucks our first submission was 11/14 and second 12/31 good luck..
  10. Anybody tried calling nvc on friday?? I get a feeling they leave early on Fridays 😩 i feel like im slowly losing my mind while waiting.. 🙃
  11. Totally normal. I was worried so we called nvc they said they see the resubmission on 31st dec but on ceac its still 14 nov
  12. Just refresh it seems to work for me.. i get that sometimes to
  13. Congratulations to people that got dq now i have a question for you, did you get an email on it or did you ceac just changed status or something? and also im not interested in expedite since we’re thinking our dq should happen in next 10 days or so. But lets say if i wanted to do so in the beginning would it be possible because we do have a 16 month old son and he got american passport in the embassy right after birth. So he and my husband are both us citizens would they have accepted request for expedite so we could all be together as a family for birthdays and stuff... good luck to everyone 🥰
  14. Congrats and good luck on the next steps! We resubmitted dec 31st for a silly little thing. Glad to see dates coming closer to us 🥳
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