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  1. Anyone with an approved CR1 enter in the US recently? My wife will be flying next week and I just wanted to make sure she has all the documents ready. At the embassy, they just said the only thing she will need is her passport with the visa stamp. The medical was all done electronic. Thank you.
  2. For those that received their approved visa after the interview, did you guys get this annotation: "Exception under PP on risk to labor market" Just curious to know what it means and if anyone else had additional information.
  3. My wife's interview was a few days ago and she received the passport stamp in hand! They sent a note saying there's no sealed packet to hand carry anymore.
  4. Greetings! My wife has her CR1 interview next week in Taiwan. Do you think it's a good idea she brings our 5 month old with her to the interview? He has his US passport.
  5. Greetings, For those that have DQ, were there any follow up steps you did? Or just wait until you hear from your embassy regarding the interview date. My lawyer sent me a list of hospitals to get the medical done, but we'll wait until we confirm an interview date first. But I was just curious if there were any documents to send, websites to sign up for, etc..after the DQ email from NVC. Thanks.
  6. Good to see all the NVC DQ's! Hopefully the backlog to schedule interviews won't be too bad. Looks like USCIS is approving cases much faster than a year ago.
  7. I submitted documents to NVC March 17 and received the email that the documents were accepted and they'll work with the Consulate/Embassy in Taiwan. I logged into the CEAC website and there are 2 messages for me. I tried opening, but nothing pops up so I'll wait 1-2 days and try again. But when I look down at the submitted civil documents, all the documents show Accepted except one form for a Immigration J1 document. If NVC needed me to resend/update that form, it would have stated clearly correct? Right now it just says Submitted.
  8. After 2 weeks, I called NVC and they provided me with the case #. I went with a lawyer so I didn't receive any letter from NVC.
  9. OK thanks, so at the minimum have a letter notarized that the father is OK with son immigrating with the mom to the US. Country is Taiwan if it makes a difference. Thanks
  10. Have you guys any experience with a custody agreement and cr1? My wife has a stepson and I've petition them both on the cr1. We're at the nvc stage and it hit me that I should have a document from the stepsons father that he is OK with his son immigrating to the US. I know the stepsons father is OK with his son immigrating to the US but do I need a form saying he is giving up full custody of his child to his mom? I think he will agree to signing a form that he consents his son immigrates to the us, but custody might be a problem. We're not pushing for him to give up custody. They currently share custody but the stepson and father doesn't have much of a relationship. Visits a few times a month and provides child support. The father remarried and has another family of his own. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Greetings. I hired a lawyer from the start for the cr1 process and the fear of him being too busy to follow up on my case has been on my mind. I've been calling nvc to see when I can pay the fees but they said to check their website and to call back when my date has passed. My lawyer finally reached out and asked for my bank info for the fees. When he submits the documents to nvc, is there an option for me to include my personally email so I can receive updates or is the only contact info allowed will be my lawyers? Thank you.
  12. Strange, I got a hold of someone at NVC within 10 minutes. Usually for me it's an 1 hour wait. They said they are working on Jan 15 cases. They received my case on 02/06 and that's all the info they have. In my case, I just need to call back in 1-2 weeks to get a case # right? If I file through a lawyer, do you guys know if NVC can provide me with the case # info or only through the lawyer?
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